MEDWAY partners with Kruella D’Enfer to promote the train through Art

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MEDWAY presented its first decorated locomotive, with an installation by Portuguese visual artist and illustrator Kruella D’Enfer, which will tour Portugal to promote the use of the train as a more sustainable means of transport.

This initiative is part of the European Year of Rail Transport, defined by the European Union and part of its commitment to achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

It is with great pleasure that we launch this locomotive of ours on the rails, decorated with a piece of art by such a relevant artist. We hope that this locomotive, which we will make available throughout the country, will help to sensitize the population to the urgent importance of making more sustainable options for our Planet, which is the home of all of us”, highlights Carlos Vasconcelos, President of MEDWAY.

It is a great honor, as an artist, to have been invited to this project, in which MEDWAY’s values ​​intersect with mine, in the fight for a more sustainable planet. The sides of this locomotive are a journey through illustrated landscapes, with emphasis on the beginning of the railways in Portugal, through the representation of the current electric locomotive, to the Company’s employees, in their daily lives, and to the vision of a child in search of a greener and more colorful future. Something that can be seen and appreciated by everyone, from North to South of the country”, explains Kruella D’Enfer.

The railroad is the most sustainable transport of goods, allowing a reduction of around 70% of CO2 eq emissions, compared to the same transport by road; this reduction can reach 74%, if the transport is carried out with exclusive recourse to electric locomotives, as is the case of this interventional locomotive.

The locomotive decorated by Kruella D’Enfer will travel throughout the Portuguese territory, taking the usual routes of the railway services carried out by MEDWAY.

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