MEO Sudoeste presents the complete schedule of the LG by Mega Hits stage

dedicado à música nacional e lusófona com especial atenção à música emergente

LG by Mega Hits stage
  • LEO 2745
  • Sounds of All Colors by LILIANA ALMEIDA and NAYR FAQUIRÁ

In 2023, MEO Sudoeste marks 25 editions. From the 9th to the 12th of August, the Tribe performs the ritual and gathers again at Herdade da Casa Branca in Zambujeira do Mar.

The recipe for success is based on a combination in which each of the ingredients is essential: summer, the beach, camping, friends all together, and the best music of the moment. Throughout its 25 years of history, MEO Sudoeste has always given a stage to the renowned and also to those who guarantee the future of music, and this is precisely the proposal of the LG Stage by Mega Hits, to give a stage to the emerging talents of new Portuguese and Lusophone music. This stage’s programming for the 25th edition is complete with Bianca Barros, Blacci, Catarina Filipe, Edgar Domingos, Harold, Hybrid Theory, Leo 2745, Mizzy Miles, Papillon, Prodígio, Supa Squad and Sounds of All Colors by Liliana Almeida and Nayr Faquirá from this year’s #onestep4musicfest contest titled LG Women Singer Contest.
August 9th


Hybrid Theory is a Portuguese tribute band to the American band Linkin Park. Since 2018, this band from Lagos, Algarve, has been selling out concerts all over the world, in places like New Zealand, Australia, India, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, having recently sold out the largest venue in Portugal, the Altice Arena. With a unique show of superb quality, Hybrid Theory is currently the biggest tribute band to Linkin Park and, accustomed to big stages, would have to be present at MEO Suodeste. Owner of absolutely contagious energy, the band performs on August 9th at the LG by Mega Hits Stage.  


Passionate about music since childhood, Bianca Barros already has two original singles. After having edited “Inevitable” in 2021, she made known “Antes Da Noite Acabar” in 2022. At the age of five Bianca Barros was already a student at the Tui Conservatory of Music, in Spain. At the age of 14, she was admitted to the Academia de Música de Viana do Castelo, where she studied lyrical singing and musical training. Music and dance, together, aroused her interest and she was admitted to the Musical Theater course at the Vilar do Paraíso Music Academy, in Vila Nova de Gaia. At the same time, she began her studies in pop singing and piano, and for four years she studied at the Valentim de Carvalho Music School, in Porto. At the age of 16, he competed for The Voice Portugal and reached the semifinals in an experience he describes as unforgettable and which, alongside other young people, also allowed him to step on some of the biggest national stages, such as the Altice Arena, Campo Pequeno, the Coliseu do Porto or the House of Music. The arts have always been a passion and the journey into music is just an inevitability. On August 9th, Bianca shows her talent on the LG by Mega Hits Stage.
Sounds of All Colors by 


Aiming to discover and promote emerging artists in bands, solo singers, DJs and electronic music producers, solo dancers, or urban dance groups, this year, the #OneStep4MusicFest project, which in this edition was entitled LG Women’s Singer Contest, is themed to Combat Racial Discrimination and Gender Inequality, through the creation of the collective of emerging artists Sounds of All Colors. In the first phase, this collective will be composed entirely of female artists. From this contest, four finalists were chosen who will be part of the Coletivo Sounds of All Colors and who will perform on the Stage LG by Rádio SBSR.FM at Super Bock Super Rock and on the Stage LG by MegaHits at MEO Sudoeste.

Liliana Almeida and Nayr Faquirá were the finalists selected to perform at MEO Sudoeste, on August 9th at the LG by Mega Hits Stage.

Liliana Almeida was born in 1983 and has been singing since she can remember. Music has always been part of her daily life, her father Cordeiro de Almeida, is a percussionist and member of his own band. After many years of love for music and artistic life, in December 2022 she released her first solo album. “Cheguei” contains eleven themes, plus a bonus theme. From this album, he has already released five singles, “Vives em Mim”, “Borboletas”, “Mais Bonita Contigo”, “Nunca Estás Sozinho” and the most recent “Belo Risco”, whose released videos have been at the top of Youtube. In this record, the public will be able to hear and feel the styles that the artist has already experienced, such as pop, electronica, semba, kilapanga, sukus, Brazilian music, drill, hip-hop, and even the world music universe. This is a genuine and inspiring album, both in terms of beats and lyrics. It is the culmination of a 22-year career and marks a new personal and professional stage for an artist who is preparing to hit the road in 2023.

Nayr Faquirá is 24 years old, of Mozambican and Portuguese ancestry. She sings, plays the piano, and is a lyricist and producer. After starting her life in the art world between piano and dance, at the age of 17, she decided to embark on her first big adventure: The Voice Portugal 2015 program. music. Over time, and while discovering herself as a composer, Nayr also began to produce her songs with the help of producer Alec Chassain. In 2020, the singer returns to Portugal in the midst of the pandemic and starts working on her first EP. “Misturas” features strong contributions such as the rapper Valete. The artist’s first EP, as the title describes, features a mix of genres, sounds, and cultures. The most recent EP, “Quente”, brings a more interventionist side to her career. The record features the participation of names such as Selma Uamusse, Soluna, and Manecas Costa, promoting collaboration between female universes, at a time when so much is said about women’s empowerment and, especially, black women. Her African roots combine with R&B and the soul of her voice, making Nayr one of the most promising names in music made here.

August 10th


Mr. Marley and Zacky Man form Supa Squad, a Cape Verdean dancehall duo that emerged in 2011, in Porto. Their sound is characterized by the fusion of new roots, reggae and dancehall, in an atmosphere to which they combine energetic performances and a unique performance style. Supa Squad are not just a singing duo, they are also producers, having produced their themes and themes for other artists. The eponymous EP, released in 2015, featured Jamaican singer Duane Stephenson. In this record, the composition, production, mixing and mastering of all the songs was all done by the duo, showing the thousand talents of Mr. Marley and Zacky Man. One of his greatest hits was “Squeeze Me”, released in 2016, together with Putzgrilla and Virgul, which surpassed 3 million and 500 thousand views. In 2018, Supa Squad released their first single in Portuguese, “Manda Vir”, the first advance of the EP “Tudo Nosso”. The duo promises to bring all their energy to MEO Sudoeste in an unmissable concert, on the 10th of August at the LG by Mega Hits Stage.


Edgar Domingos started singing in 2013 influenced by his friends, eventually joining a rap group called IVLD. The following year he released his first mixtape, “Young Kings”. In 2014 he decided to embrace a new project, without abandoning the previous one, a step that helped him to expand his art, thus integrating a new group, the Raptors. In 2015 he released his first EP under his own name. “Alone” had a rap as its predominant style and already showed all of Edgar’s qualities. In early 2017 he decided to sing in another musical style, kizomba and released the theme “Desmonta”, which would become the most heard and danced song on Angolan dance floors. In recent years Edgar Domingos has become one of the most beloved artists in Angola. And in Portugal, his presence has also been growing. The singles “Senhor Incrível” and “Adoço” remained in the music charts for several weeks. The album “Às de Copas” was a success for the public and showed the excellent form of the musician. He is, therefore, a musician in a state of grace who performs on the 10th of August, on the Stage LG by Mega Hits.


Blacci is a name to keep in mind in the future of our music. At just over 20 years old, the Luso-Brazilian is different from anything seen in Portugal and Brazil. The daughter of a musician father, the young composer, and author has not stopped growing artistically. The music she makes is born from the translation of her own daily life, with its life stories and good vibes, transmitting a positive message and a breath of fresh air in the face of the difficult and intense moment the world is in these days. Pop music, trap, and R&B are influences that add to her chilling acoustic vibes, making Blacci a performer full of charisma, with a musical language perfectly adapted to her personality. The single “Vou Te Amar”, in collaboration with Murta, and the theme “Mar No Fim”, with which he participated in the Festival da Canção 2022, show all his talent and are two more proofs that Blacci promises to bring a new color to the Portuguese-speaking music scene. All shades of Blacci’s music can be heard on the LG by Mega Hits Stage on August 10th.
August 11th


Papillon is the artistic name of Rui Pereira, one of the great figures of new Portuguese music. With his participation in the Knock Out League and with the growth of the GROGNation group (two mixtapes, two EPs, and the album “Nada é Por Acaso”), Papillon has emerged as one of the best rappers of the new generation. The year 2018 marked the true metamorphosis when Rui Pereira emerged from the cocoon and released his first album as a solo artist. Teaming up with Slow J and Sente This, Papillon has flapped his wings and released “Deepak Looper,” an autobiographical tale that explores Mem Martins’ artist roots and scars. Since then, the stages have become his home and the public has been surrendering to Papillon, who surprised him in his passages through the main national stages. During 2019, Papillon and his band (composed of Vasco Ruivo, Luís Logrado, and X Acto) continued to bring “Deepak Looper” to the ears of all fans of authentic music. And more recent songs like “01 Coisa Leve”, “00 Fala Bonito” (Prod. Lhast), “Chillin’” (Prod. Holly & Slow J), “AAA”, “Sweet Spot” (Feat. Murta) prove that the musician is in great shape, always committed to testing his own limits. This good form can be witnessed by the audience of MEO Sudoeste, on August 11th, on the LG by Mega Hits Stage.


Mizzy Miles is one of the great names in national music and production, especially in the world of hip-hop and urban music, adding, in just a few years of activity, seven platinum and seven gold songs. Even though he started out as a DJ, it was as a music producer that Mizzy Miles began to stand out, namely thanks to the production of several of Tay’s songs, in the first year of great expansion by the author of “Pensa Bem”, “Não Quero” and “# Liked”. Already in 2020, Mizzy starts to present herself in a prominent plan, exposing the first themes in her own name, surrounding herself with the main figures of the urban movement in Portugal, and expanding her sound in collaborations with 9 Miller, benji price, Carla Prata, Minguito, Lhast, Lon3r Johny and Prodigio. In 2022, Mizzy exploded in the media with the huge success “Europa” (with Deejay Telio, Teto & Gson), with more than 5 million views on Youtube and 6 million plays on Spotify. At the same time, he participated in the production of “What have you been doing?”, with Chyna, and also “M.O.D” with Kosmo Da Gun, Xakal Da Gun, and Piruka. And he still closed the year with another hit: “I’m Sorry”, together with Ivandro and Piruka. After this media explosion, Mizzy Miles performs on the 11th of August at the LG by Mega Hits Stage.

LEO 2745

Leandro Tavares, better known as Leo 2745, was born in 2000 and raised in the Lisbon area, more precisely in Queluz-Belas. He has always been connected to music, but only in 2021 did he discover the artist that already existed within him, ready to show his ideas to the world. In less than a year of his career, the artist discovered the formula for success. After the release of the first hit, “Moncler”, he focused completely on the music and what he has to say to all those who want to hear it (and there are already many). In 2023 he releases his first album, “Mina D’Ouro”. In this record, he shows all the versatility for which he is recognized. In addition to this ability to show different facets, Leo is also known for being a pioneer of melodic drill in Portugal. Leo 2745 promises to continue producing content for all fans and rap lovers and promises to conquer the audience of MEO Sudoeste, in the concert scheduled for August 11th, on the LG by Mega Hits Stage.


Osvaldo Moniz, also known as Prodígio, is a rapper born in Angola and raised between Portugal and the United Kingdom, member of the hip-hop group Força Suprema. Prodigy was forced to emigrate to Portugal at an early age due to various health problems, staying with his older brothers. It was his brother Luís who gave him the “pet” of hip-hop. At just ten years old, Prodigy’s musical diet was already made up of names like Gabriel o Pensador, Black Company, and Boss AC. From there, until he started dedicating himself to his own freestyles, it was a small step. Prodigy started writing rhymes at the age of 12, entering the world of hip-hop in 2001. He started to walk the path to success with the release of his first official mixtape, “O Alquimista”, in 2011. He has already won several awards and, among the most recent, including Best Album of the Year, with “Prodígios” and Rapper MVP, both from the Angola Hip Hop Awards, as well as Best Collaboration of the Year and Best Singer of the Year at Globos Da Zap. With 20 projects launched during his career, including collaborations with Sara Tavares, Dino d’Santiago, NGA, Paulo Flores, Anselmo Ralph, Jimmy P, Yuri Da Cunha, Ágata, Matias Damásio, Syro, Anna Joyce, Olavo Bilac, Dengaz, Gson and many big names in our music scene, Prodígio stands out for his unrivaled work ethic and commitment to reinventing and renewing himself. The rapper performs on August 12th, at the LG by Mega Hits Stage.


Harold was a member of Grognation, Mem Martins’ outstanding collective. The group came full circle on the “Grog’s Anatomy” EP, produced by Sam The Kid. Solo, Harold signed the albums “Indiana Jones”, released in 2016, and “Tudo Tem Seu Tempo”, released in 2019. In 2021, he presented the single “Lugar”, revealing a new musicality and focusing on issues such as distance in relationships. At the end of that year, the EP “Mãe Um Dia Eu Ganho Um Diamante” arrived. Singles like “Raiz”, with L-Ali, “Pontas”, with Xtinto, and “Diamante” conquered the public and made Harold one of the most promising names in national hip-hop. The rapper performs on August 12th, at the LG by Mega Hits Stage.


Catarina Filipe started a YouTube channel as a hobby, while still in college, and shortly afterwards she was already one of the biggest creators of lifestyle content in Portugal, captivating those who follow her with her authenticity and the real sharing of her life. This way of being so marked by genuineness brought him a community of over 490,000 followers on all platforms. In April 2022, she broke into music with her first single. “Xeque-Mate” was a real success and already has more than 2 million plays and views. Since then, he has been divided between these two areas: digital content creation and music release. Conquering the affection of the public on social networks and her place in Portuguese music, Catarina Filipe also promises to win over the MEO Sudoeste audience, on August 12th on the LG by Mega Hits Stage.
LG celebrates 20 years in Portugal on the stages of Super Bock Super Rock and MEO Sudoeste

For the 7th consecutive year, LG returns in 2023 to be the technological partner of these summer festivals where it promises to celebrate national talent, its diversity, and a “future without limits”

If summer is synonymous with music festivals, this year music festivals will be synonymous with celebrating LG’s 20th anniversary in Portugal. The technological partner of Super Bock Super Rock and MEO Sudoeste for the 7th consecutive year is to be congratulated and will celebrate on the stages LG by Rádio SBSR.FM and LG by MegaHits.

Paying homage to the past, the company will celebrate 20 years of experience and growth in the country with a calendar of special initiatives throughout this year under a unique campaign with an eye on the future. And it will be that same future that will be highlighted on the two LG Stages with the motto “The Future is Super”, in the 27th edition of Super Bock Super Rock, and “The Future is Yours”, in the 25th edition of MEO Sudoeste.

Functioning as an aggregator concept for all the initiatives carried out this year, the motto of the campaign celebrating LG’s 20th anniversary in Portugal immediately lets you guess the direction, tone, and positioning that the company intends to maintain and even reinforce over the next few years in the country. With “The future is…”, the company recognizes the path taken so far but unveils its vision of what is to come. And what is to come includes diversity, innovation, and sustainability that will be key elements of a limitless future, which can be imagined, shaped, and created.

And it is precisely these key elements that mark LG’s presence once again at these festivals and are an integral part of the brand’s 20th-anniversary party in Portugal. Maintaining the tradition of investing in culture and talents that are now starting their careers in the world of music in our country, the Stages LG by Rádio SBSR.FM and LG by Mega Hits will give voice to diversity and equality to those who dared to imagine, shape, and create its future, promoting “a future without limits” for the artists who will take to these stages for the first time.

The future is… Equality and Diversity

It is with this motto in mind that Super Bock Super Rock and MEO Sudoeste festival-goers will be able to watch the performance of an unprecedented collective of emerging artists which, in the first phase, will be composed entirely of women, in partnership with Música no Coração. The Sounds of All Colors Collective made up of four elements, is born out of the LG WOMEN’S SINGER CONTEST, open exclusively to female artists, which was promoted between March 22nd and April 20th by LG and Big Appetite 4 Music, responsible for the project #OneStep4MusicFest, with the aim of discovering new talents on the national scene who, through various annual competitions, gain the opportunity to step, for the first time, on a large stage dedicated to national music, in partnership with Música no Coração.

Aiming to discover and promote emerging artists from bands, solo singers, DJs and electronic music producers, solo dancers, or urban dance groups, this year’s #OneStep4MusicFest project had as its theme the Fight against Racial Discrimination and Inequality of Gender that will now be embodied by a powerful group of women whose “Future is unlimited”.

“Inclusion, diversity, and equality are topics that are on the agenda, and at LG we believe that this should also be our fight. After several years of promoting young national talents, the time has come for us to take a step forward towards diversity and equality in the line-ups of summer festivals as well. For that reason, we supported this contest, which discovered a female universe full of rising stars in the Portuguese music scene that will now have the stage it deserves”, says Hugo Jorge, Marketing Director of LG Portugal.

And if for LG, valuing national talent and discovering new values for Portuguese music and culture are part of its past, its present, and its future, in a year when the brand celebrates its 20th anniversary and the journey of innovation in Portugal, the LG Cool Spot, or the guarantee of the best shade and charging points at the MEO Sudoeste campsite and the LG laundry, which disruptively marked the lives of festival-goers, could not fail to join the party which also counts on the presence, for the second consecutive year, of LG Stage Rechargers, so that everyone who is at the forefront of LG stages never runs out of battery.

With its eyes on the future, but honoring its past in all the initiatives in which it is or will be involved in this year of celebration, LG will once again make available at Herdade do Cabeço da Flauta, next to Praia do Meco, in Sesimbra, and at Herdade da Casa Branca, in Zambujeira do Mar, the LG Meeting Spots. A reference in Super Bock Super Rock and MEO Sudoeste, similar to the work carried out by LG over the last 20 years to support national culture and talent, which stands out for “our continuous commitment to innovation and learning, and above all everything, for the effort to promote the people who help us build this brand and this company every day, and who have an unlimited future ahead of them”, reinforces Hugo Jorge, Marketing Director of LG Portugal.

MEO Sudoeste, join the tribe.


August 9th

MEO stage

  • David Guetta, Niall Horan, Giulia Be

LG by Mega Hits stage

  • Hybrid Theory, Bianca Barros, Sounds of All Colors by Liliana Almeida e Nayr Faquirá

August 10th

MEO stage

  • DENNIS, Bizarrap, Farruko, Ludmilla

LG by Mega Hits stage

  • Supa Squad, Edgar Domingos, Blacci

August 11th

MEO stage

  • Karetus, Metro Boomin, Slow J, L7NNON

LG by Mega Hits stage

  • Papillon, Mizzy Miles, Leo 2745

August 12th

MEO stage

  • Ivandro

LG by Mega Hits stage

  • Prodígio, Harold, Catarina Filipe

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