Meo Sudoeste wins Festival of the year at the Iberian Festival Awards

The Iberian Festival Awards distinguish the industry from the music festivals in Portugal and Spain, and this number is from last year. In some categories the winners were chosen by a jury and in others by the public.

Portugal was also distinguished in the category of Best Indoor Festival, attributed to the Revenge of the ’90s (at Iberian level), and in the Best Tourist Promotion, Festival Med (national winner), while Bons Sons was also chosen in the prize for Best Reception (a Nacional level).

The award for Best Infrastructures went to Edp Cooljazz (nationally), and the Iberian winner for Best Cultural Program was the Festival de Sines, while the Imminent Festival also won the Iberian level in Best Communication and Marketing.

Brace In won in the category of Best Service Provider (nationally), and the Best Use of Technology went to Critec Creative Agency/AgitÁgueda (Iberian level), while Festival Prio collected the award for Best Brand (national level).

The prize for Best Festivity went to the São João do Porto Festivals (Iberian), and the Best Academic Youth Festival for the Lisbon Academic Festival (Iberian), while the Best Live Performance in Portugal and Spain, fell to Ornatos Violeta/Festival F (national).

In the Best International Live Performance, the winner was Bryan Ferry/Wine & Music Valley (Iberian), and in the Contribution to Sustainability award, Tradidanças won nationally.

Med was considered the Best Lusophone and Hispanic Festival, and the Best Photo award went to Midamideta/Vodafone Paredes de Coura (national level), with RFM collecting the award for Best Media Partner (Iberian), and the Best Non-Musical for Comic Con Portugal (Iberian).

The Best Event was awarded to Mostra Música (national), and the INATEL Award went to Omiri, a musical project for the reinvention of Portuguese music. The Excellence Award went to Jordi Lauren, director of Playplan.

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