Livramento Market in Setúbal celebrates 145 years

The Livramento Market, located on Avenida Luísa Todi, known worldwide for its vast offer of excellent fresh products and the unique beauty of the building, celebrated 145 years of existence on 31 July.

To commemorate the anniversary, the municipal market operators dressed up to the nines, with gowns specially designed for this date. Visitors received, at the entrance, a reusable shopping bag, which can be converted into a small orange, one of the greatest symbols of the Sadina city.

An informative leaflet specially created to mark the date, also distributed to visitors, summarizes the 145 years of history of the Livramento Market, including curiosities, and informs about the services currently available.

Another highlight is the beautification of the traditional commercial space in Setúbal with large-scale images to build a historical bridge between the past and present of municipal equipment.

The first building in the Livramento Market, inaugurated in 1876, was replaced by another construction in 1930, with the layout that is known today and in its current location, target, in 2013, of extensive requalification works.

In addition to the products, another of the attractions of the Setubal square, which has around three hundred operators, is a set of nineteenth-century tile panels, with more than five thousand pieces. Arguments that make the Livramento Market one of the best and most beautiful, a fame reported, for example, in 2015 by USA Today magazine, which elected it as one of the most famous fish markets in the world

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