MERC’ART ends this year’s edition with live music

Merc’art, already in its 4th edition, closes this year’s physical edition with music and with the approval of Portugal 2020’s investment. The online art market is almost closing its doors in this edition. 2019, thus announcing a Finissage duo. Free admission to enjoy live music from 6pm on the 29th, Friday, with Constança Moreira and Tomás Sequeira and 30th, Saturday, with DJ VGV, and enjoy Christmas shopping with art.

Just once a year, in an Lx Factory container, MERC’ART exits the online exclusive to physically exist. From October 22nd until Sunday, December 1st, it will still be possible to purchase ART as a Christmas present, or just a gesture of friendship. “In four years, we have released 100 more national and international artists. Portugal 2020 will be a kind of green way for us to get these talents to have their work recognized globally, show our concept of democratization of art and bring the world to life. we are ready to fly higher, “says Alexandra Quadros, founder of the project.

The initiative has 24 names of renowned and emerging national and international artists, gathered in an art market. The list includes illustrators, street artists, digital artists, photographers, painters with original works – created especially for the market – and publicly accessible reproductions. Noteworthy in this edition are Storytailors, one of today’s most acclaimed Portuguese fashion designers with works that are part of the designers’ reserved imagery; Canadians Cale Atkinson and Jessica von Innerebner, illustrators for brands as well-known as Disney, Pixar and Marvel; Brazilian visual artist Cássio Markowski who portrays the Brazilian reality; digital artists FalcaoLucas who previously worked for the band Maroon 5 and Danny Ivan whose 3D work is internationally recognized by client brands such as Republic Records, Apple and Starbucks; among others.

The positioning of the project, bringing together the most renowned national and foreign names with new talents and diverse artistic expressions, makes the concept of collaboration tangible and was an essential factor for the participation of the artists, “for us, the Merc´art concept of making art accessible to the public and mixing the various styles without hierarchies is something that makes a lot of sense, ”says Tânia Falcão of the duo Falcãolucas.

Merc’art’s Art Container brought something new: the tent covering the structure was painted every week with nature motifs by four well-known artists. Brought from South Africa, the idea is to link the cause of sustainability to art. Organic material, from fabric to cuttings communicates the idea of ​​’protection’. “It was made in South Africa, and the painting we are going to do serves to draw attention to animal preservation, endangered species. That’s why we named the tent ‘Living Art Container’, not just because it’s organic, but because we will have devoted artists painting nature motifs that will ‘grow’ and ‘popular’ a substantial part of the tent, “explains Alexandra Quadros.

Through the platform is possible to search and acquire works throughout the year and even have access to interviews with all kinds of artists recorded in podcast format. Merc’art was founded in 2016, curated by Alexandra Quadros and supported by Beefeater gin.


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