Mercedes-Benz opens orders for 100% electric EQV van

The EQV van, which is also available in a long variant with the designation of EQV300, has an announced market price of € 71,388.10 and a 90kWh battery. This energy storage allows up to 418 km of autonomy, is also equipped with a front-engine that has 150kW of power, for a torque of 362Nm. The standard maximum speed is 140 km / h with an option for 160 km/h.

This is the second all-electric model in the electric brand EQ family of the German brand, which joins the electric SUV EQC, launched in 2019. In addition, this new car joins the all-electric versions of the Mercedes-Benz eVito and eSprinter.

According to the brand, EQV is more than just a cargo van. With the battery placed on the vehicle floor, Mercedes-Benz guarantees high flexibility of use, with several configuration options including a high-comfort configuration with only 6 seats or transport options with up to 8 passengers. When configured without seats, it also offers plenty of space for business or family recreation.

Being a member of the EQ family, the EQV comes with the high-tech MBUX multimedia system specifically configured for this vehicle and which includes intelligent voice control that can be activated with the usual phrase “Hey Mercedes”. The displays allow access to specific controls, including charge rate limitation, battery/air conditioning preheating, and energy consumption visualization.

Recharging the EQV can be done in about 45 minutes, from a 10 to 80% charge, using a fast DC charger at a maximum rate of 110 kW. In addition, the vehicle can be loaded in a wall-box at a maximum rate of 11 kW, requiring a total of 10 hours to reach 80%.

Incorporating an intelligent mode of operation, Mercedes-Benz EQV also charges batteries while driving. In brake mode, the mechanical movement of inertial rotation is converted into electrical energy and is used to charge the battery (recovery). The driver has an influence on the recovery and it is possible to adjust the recovery capacity, as necessary, using selectors located near the steering wheel.

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