Mercedes EQS will have a range of 700 km

The company that owns Mercedes confirmed the autonomy for the Mercedes EQS, about 700 km (WLTP). A value that should represent a new autonomy record. That is, if no other brand launches a tram with even more autonomy before the EQS hits the market, scheduled for 2021.

The EQS, over five meters long, will be Mercedes’ new flagship, rivaling the S-Class with combustion engine.

Although these cars compete in the same market segment and have similar dimensions, EQS is expected to use a platform created from scratch for electric cars.

And that will be one of the reasons for greater efficiency. This is because, if the announced autonomy and a battery capacity of 100 kWh are confirmed, the EQS will be very efficient. Even more so than the Tesla Model S.

The maximum charging power will be 350 kW, which will allow the battery to be charged at a rate greater than 1700 km / h. To achieve this level of charging power, Mercedes is part of the Ionity network of fast chargers.

Among the remaining characteristics, emphasis is placed on the 350 kW power, acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds and all-wheel drive.

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