Messenger Kids is now available in more countries

In recent years, Mark Zuckerberg’s company has worked with a team of experts in cybersecurity, child development and the media to “shape” the application, explains Facebook in a statement.

And there are challenges that the social network wants to overcome, namely the problems reported by parents in relation to the difficulty of finding the children’s friends, so that they can chat on Messenger Kids. With that in mind, the tech giant is adding three new options.

After announcing new features in February “to give parents even more control”, Facebook now launches the Supervised Friending feature. Parents will now be able to allow children to accept, reject, add or delete contacts, while still being able to replace any new contact approvals on the panel.

The decision comes after Facebook listened to the parents, and understood that they wanted to “give children more independence when it comes to managing the contact list, while maintaining parental supervision”. The social network has already launched this feature in the United States, becoming gradually available in other countries.

Whenever children accept or reject a friend request, as well as send or delete a request, parents will be notified by Messenger and can replace the new calls. To do this, you must access the parent panel, where a set of recent youth activities is recorded.

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