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Meszecsinka (HU) | Salao Brazil

Meszecsinka means “small moon” and comes from Bulgarian folk song favorite song by vocalist Annnamá Hello. This project is intimate, magical and fragile, born of love. They sing in seven languages ​​(Hungarian, Russian, Bulgarian, Finnish, English, Arabic and Castilian), come from Hungary and Bulgaria and transport listeners to a mystical space where Hungarian and Bulgarian folk go hand in hand with flamenco and funky, the oriental and the experimental.

In May 2012 the first album in digital format was released by German Hiperbole Records, and was presented at the Austrian Balkan Fever Festival.

In 2014 they performed in Moscow and there recorded a video on Red Square. The band’s last album is called “Kinyílok”.

Meszecsinka’s new album “Stand into the deep” perpetuates with the band’s eclectic and distinctive sound, where Inuit sounds, Siberian singing techniques, love songs and lullabies carry us to ancient rituals.

In 2019, Meszecsinka – currently composed of Anniversary Hello, Emil Biljarszki, Ferenc Somogyi and Dávid Krolikowski – celebrates its 10th anniversary with visits to countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania, and now, Portugal.

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