Meta debuts with Mónada

Meta is the name of the musical project of songwriter and sound handler Mariana Bragada. EP Mónada, their debut record, after the single’s release Saudade.

Mónada, is an EP created with only voice, loopstation, beatbox and inspiration of nature and ancestry, sung in Portuguese and universal melodies. Composed of five Monada themes, it is an introduction to Meta’s particular universe.

Mónadais a key concept in Leibniz’s philosophy. In the philosophical system of this author, it means “simple” substance – from the Greek μονάς, μόνος, which translates to “single”, “simple.” As such, it is part of the compounds, being itself without parts and therefore indissoluble and indestructible.

Goal is Mariana Bragada’s new identity after winning the Antena 1 Masteclass in 2018 and having participated in this year’s edition of the Sweet Sea Theme Song Festival. Also in 2018, he played at TedxPorto, Bons Sons festival, joined the project Um ao Molhe and also participated in several Sofar Sounds in Madrid, Porto and Coimbra.

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