Metamito anticipates release of homonymous album with “Transmutação”

and announces 3 concerts in Lisbon, Porto and Barreiro

21 Janeiro/ Centro Cultural Malaposta, Lisboa
16 Fevereiro/ Maus Hábitos, Porto
28 Abril/ Sala 6, Barreiro

Metamito is preparing to release its first self-titled album. Launches the new video clip “Transmutação” and announces the first dates of presentation: January 21st at the Malaposta Cultural Center in Lisbon, February 16th at Mais Hábitos in Porto, and April 28th at Sala 6 in Barreiro.

Single “Transmutação”
Metamito presents the third single from their debut album. “Transmutação” is a colorful music that passes between o neo-folk and o psych-pop. Fala sobre mudar e aceitar a mudança, sobre como explorar novos horizontes pode ser uma forma de chegar mais próximo de si mesmo. Instrumentally, classical guitar and voz abrem o tema dando eventualmente lugar a cremosos synths e batidas rústicas e experimentais.

O single é accompanied by a vídeo de animação, realized pelo próprio, com recurso a tecnologia de inteligência artificial. A abordagem experimental e fresca a uma fascinating ferramenta que permitiu o artist criar um universo visual surrealista a par do mundo sonoro que nos traz “Transmutação”. Isto faith conseguido através da geração de cerca de 50,000 images que se moldam ao longo do tempo, criando uma ilusão de continuidade.

Metamito album
Metamito’s eponymous debut album is released on the 20th of January.

It comes to wake up from Sleep, and remember that the Dream is the Reality”. It is with this verse that Metamito opens his first album and these words appear as a hand that extends and invites the listener to enter a journey to the confines of his mind. This is an album that asks to be listened to in a good way, with eyes closed and attentive, like someone visiting a museum in their subconscious.

There are 9 tracks where Metamito crystallizes its aesthetics and identity, both very unique, with songs that take us on spiritual and psychedelic journeys. The mysteries of Life and Being are sung, and interpreted in a tendentially idealistic and mystical way, as we are used to.

Located somewhere between psych-pop and psych-folk, the production is extremely dense and detailed, creating a sound universe that allows the discovery of new details even after several auditions. As for the instrumentation, you hear a mix of organic and traditional elements such as classical and Portuguese guitars or piano and percussion with synthetic and modern elements such as synthesizers and electronic beats. There is a deep exploration of space and depth using various effects, and a sweet and subtle voice connects all these elements.

All composition, performance, recording, and production are by António Miguel Serra (Metamito). The mixing was done by Pedro Ferreira, at HAUS, and the mastering was by João Alves, at Sweet Mastering Studio.

Metamito biography
Metamito is a musical project that aims to dilute the border between dream and reality. Fruit of the imagination of António Miguel, a multi-instrumentalist musician, and producer from the Sintra area, has been described by some as one of the most innovative and promising projects in the Portuguese music scene.

It is a totally independent project, from creation to distribution, which is reflected in its authentic and free musical expression. With a “dreamy” and “neo-psychedelic” sound, it addresses themes such as myth, mystique, love, truth, and life, but its sound is diverse and constantly changing, making it difficult to close it in a box. There are hints of dream pop, psychedelic rock, and world music, among many others.

In 2019, he independently released his first EP Reflexo. In 2020, “Pandora” came out, an alternative pop single, more synthesized and danceable than her previous records.

He is inspired by artists such as Tash Sultana, Noiserv, FKJ or binkbeats to present his songs in a “one man band” format, playing different instruments, with a Loopstation as the “brain” of the show. His greatest resource is the guitar and voice, but he also uses synthesizers and various effects. All layers are created at the moment and each concert is always different from the last, with plenty of room for improvisation and travel.

He has already stepped on several stages in Portugal and Spain. In 2020, he was the winner of the Music Unlock by SBSR competition, having ensured his presence on the poster for the next edition of the Super Bock Super Rock Festival.

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, tickets place of sale, price, and availability.

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