Michel – Amor de adolescentes

Michel presents his latest record edition, a single titled – “Amor de adolescentes”.

A song that tells us about an old passion that left its marks and that after a meeting in the present made us remember and rekindle a love that has never passed away.

Turns and situations that take us away from past emotions that by chance of destiny can become real again today, proving that it is never too late to find love and recover feelings and desires from the past, returning to live “Adolescent love”.

A rhythmic theme in which Latin sounds guides a song with a clear appeal to dance.
Michel is one of the names that has been marking his position in Portuguese light music. With a remarkable career, over all these years, he has been dedicated to music, interpreter of some of the themes that the general public knows so well. With a mandatory visit to the stages of popular festivals all over the country, it is with Portuguese communities all over the world that the name Michel is unavoidable.

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