Michel Vaillant in Macao with an adventure between reality and fiction

The author Philippe Graton today launched in Macao the second adventure of the pilot Michel Vaillant in the territory, a private issue for drawing a bridge between “reality and fiction.”

“Michel Vaillant is a series [of comics] created by my father in 1957. Today, we launched here the 77th adventure, which has something very special: it’s fiction, but the environment is real, with circuits, cars, teams and real riders, “said the son of Jean Graton in Macau at the launch of the book that coincided, not by chance, with the first day of the Grand Prix.

The second adventure of the pilot Michel Vaillant in Macau, 35 years after the comic book ‘Rendez-vous à Macao’, has in the plot the pilots André Couto and Sacha Fenestraz, currently competing in the biggest sporting event in the territory, which runs until Sunday.

It is in the circuit, but also in several other points of the city, resorting to the architecture and gastronomy, as well as to the small more hidden streets.

“Going back to Macau 35 years later is very special because it is the first book to be translated into traditional and simplified Chinese,” Graton emphasized.

In March, at the Macao Literary Festival, the author had already predicted the “unique opportunity” to enter the Chinese market. This new album, it said today, will be distributed in Macau, Hong Kong and in the interior of China.

For Benjamin Bénéteau, illustrator, to design this second adventure of Michel Vaillant in Macao was “a unique experience”. The drawings are, for the first time, entirely their responsibility.

“Last year, when I was here, I realized that it was going to be my most difficult album, the city is beautiful, rich but difficult, it was a lot of pressure, I’m very happy to be here again, he said.

Macao driver André Couto, who won the Grand Prix in 2000, was a fan of Michel Vaillant’s adventures from a very early age, inspiring him even before becoming a professional driver.

“When I was younger, the book [Rendez-vous à Macao] was one of my inspirations before I became a professional pilot … What you see in real life is what you see in the book, and I hope it can inspire the new generations, “he said.

For Sacha Fenestraz, it is “a great pleasure” to be part of the Michel Vaillant family. The car of the French-Argentine pilot, as in history, is nicknamed Vaillant.

The 77 editions of Michel Vaillant’s adventures continue to be printed, said Philippe Graton, who finally thanked the director of the Macao Literary Festival, Ricardo Pinto, also a publisher.

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