Michelle Bachelet praises migrant integration programs in Portugal

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, praised in Geneva today Portugal’s “successful” programs for the integration of migrants into Portuguese society and the economy.

Michelle Bachelet today presented a report to the 40th Session of the Human Rights Council, in which she mentioned the recent developments in the area under her tutelage, highlighting the work done by several countries, including Portugal, on the integration of migrants into the economy and society of the parents.

In the document, according to the UN (UN News) website, she also worries about the death rate of migrants trying to enter Europe through the Mediterranean Sea. Just this year, at this crossing, 226 people died, Bachelet said.

According to the high commissioner, in addition to the refusal of some governments to allow ships to enter, several vessels of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are forced to suspend operations to rescue migrants due to measures that “essentially criminalize solidarity.”

A situation which, he said, causes the ransom at sea to fall more and more on merchant ships “which are often inadequate for this task.”

Venezuela has also been a prominent issue in the Human Rights Council, for “violations of civil and political rights” in the country and which, according to Bachelet, can accentuate inequality and worsen economic conditions.

She also referred to “violent and excessive use of force, arbitrary detention, torture and even alleged summary or extrajudicial killing” in the context of recent protests in Sudan, Haiti and France.

The UN High Commissioner also spoke of Israel’s blockade of Gaza, deploring Israel’s decision to ignore a report by the Human Rights Council’s commission of inquiry.

Michelle Bachelet also warned of “growing global inequality” in issues such as wealth and justice, and warned what she considered to be an “existential threat” of hate speech and xenophobia.

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