Microsoft Announces Winning Pitch for Impact Projects

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The projects of EQS Global, Volvero, DUCKT, EcoBean, RePurpose global and Sensefinity were the winners of Pitch for Impact, a Microsoft initiative that received more than 50 applications from national and international startups, which focus on the areas of Sustainability and Social Impact.

Inserted in the celebrations of Microsoft’s 30 Years in Portugal, the Pitch for Impact initiative, carried out in partnership with Amorim, Casa do Impacto, EDP, Galp and Maze, challenged startups to support Corporate Social Responsibility projects, which will start in January next year collaborate with different partners.

EQS Global is the winning startup in the “Track Good Vibrations” category by Amorim, which launched the challenge of exploring the potential of industrial IoT technology in favor of improving traffic flow on railway lines.

The award will provide access to consultancy with Amorim’s technical and business experts and a proof of concept for product-market fit validation. EQS Global uses cutting edge technology developed internally and digital platforms, in order to increase efficiency, mitigate risks and reinforce sustainability in asset management services.

Volvero is the startup that won the Casa do Impacto “Rise for Impact” challenge, which sought motivated entrepreneurs with innovative solutions capable of responding to social and environmental needs.

The award will allow Volvero to join the Casa do Impacto Community for one year, with access to the virtual incubation program and the Bootcamp Rise for Impact. Volvero offers a carsharing application based on the most innovative technologies in a simple, reliable and sustainable way.

DUCKT is the winner of the EDP “Powering Sustainable Lives” challenge, which sought innovative and disruptive solutions that promote the acceleration of carbon neutrality in society and a positive impact on the improvement of human rights and biodiversity. The award will allow the integration of the EDP Starter Community, an international community of more than 200 startups and technological SMEs. DUCKT is an intelligent mobility startup that develops infrastructure solutions in an urban environment.

EcoBean is the startup that won the Galp “Pitch to the Future of Energy” challenge, which aimed to find innovative entrepreneurs to drive the energy transition. The award offers consultancy with Galp’s technical and business experts and a proof of concept with the company’s business areas.

EcoBean offers a sustainable, reliable and low cost way to give coffee waste a second life, in a circular economy process that reduces the CO2 footprint.
Global RePurpose is the startup winner of Maze’s “Enter The MAZE” challenge, which sought entrepreneurial solutions at an early stage with a focus on solving social and environmental challenges through sustainable business models.

The prize will give access to 5 mentorship sessions in Strategy, Fundraising, Corporate Engagement, Impact Management and Marketing. RePurpose Global is the world’s first plastic credit platform dedicated to the disposal and recovery of plastic waste.

Sensefinity is the startup winner of the “AI for Good” challenge from Microsoft for Startups, which aims to support an innovative solution that integrates the development of skills, sustainability and accessibility, supporting social empowerment through technology.

The award will allow access to Microsoft’s Global Social Entrepreneurship Program for one year, including free Microsoft cloud technologies, access to GitHub Enterprise, dedicated go-to-market resources, access to customers and funds for qualified startups.

Sensefinity offers a full-stack solution, from hardware to a secure cloud with an API, for applications tailored to the needs of each organization.

Microsoft is committed to using technology to help people, companies and governments to be increasingly sustainable, a bet that is reflected in the constant reinforcement of the company’s Sustainability Strategy.

Launched in 2018, the Microsoft for Startups program supports the growth of startups worldwide, through access to technical and commercial resources to accelerate the sustainable expansion of new companies.

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