Microsoft presents Intelligent Mobility Index in European cities

Microsoft conducted an index with data from 29 European cities, including Lisbon, to assess the level of development and penetration of smart urban mobility measures and the results of implementing these measures. Lisbon is the 4th city with the best return on urban mobility measures, but it comes in 22nd place in terms of their level of development.

The maturity in the use of communication and information technologies such as 4G, the penetration of smartphones in society and the level of knowledge in the cybersecurity area allow for better traffic management and switching between transport, achieving better results of efficiency and satisfaction of its citizens .

Mobility is vital for the proper functioning of cities and there are many challenges that they face, whether in terms of rapid responses to urban development, or in the metrics agreed for a more ecologically sustainable society.

Lisbon is at the top of the ranking with regard to the use of transport using renewable energy (6th place) and the penetration of electric cars in the city’s road park (5th place). In this same analysis, the capital is considered the second best city with the best quality roads, and the seventh city with the best level of adequacy in relation to the volume of traffic.

The good position that Lisbon occupies in betting on greener means of transportation, places the city in the middle of the table (13th place) in the level of reduction of CO2 emissions in this sector. This factor, together with the definition of reduced emission zones (ZER), allows Lisbon to have a performance of 36% above the average (5th place) in the level of concentration of fine particles in the air.


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