Microsoft introduces Surface Pro 7+ for Business

Microsoft has just announced the January 15 launch of Surface Pro 7+ for Business, a device that offers greater versatility, connectivity, and security to meet the most demanding challenges, particularly for business customers, private or public, and educational institutions.

The year 2020 brought one of the biggest accelerations of digital transformation in our lives. The move to a remote and hybrid productivity model was a turning point in redefining the future of how we work, collaborate and learn outside the confines of a physical space, be it an office or a classroom. We have seen an increase in confidence in technology to ensure the connectivity of organizations, productivity, and business continuity.

The arrival of Surface Pro 7+ for Business to the Portuguese market is scheduled for next January 15th, starting at €1,049 in the Wi-Fi version and starting at €1,339 in the LTE version.

In terms of mobility and sustainability, Surface Pro 7+ for Business sets a new standard: it is 23% lighter than the previous generation and is made of 99% natural fiber-based material, 64% of which is recycled content. These updates reflect Microsoft’s continued commitment to reducing its ecological footprint.

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