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Microsoft Brings New Horizons to Web Summit

Brad Smith, Rashmi Gopinath and Liat Ben-Zur are the top executives who will represent Microsoft on the big stage of the event.

Microsoft is once again present at what is Europe’s largest entrepreneurship and technology conference. Among the executives, domestic and foreign, will be the presence of: Brad Smith, President of Microsoft Corporation, Rashmi Gopinhath, Director of the M12 Venture Capital Investment Fund, and Liat Ben-Zur, Vice President of Microsoft Corporation . In direct contact with the public, the new space has a theater where numerous sessions and presentations of products and projects will be held.

Brad Smith brings in his luggage the book Tools & Weapons: The Promise and Peril of the Digital Age, which he has just launched, in collaboration with Carol Ann Browne, which serves as inspiration for the various interventions he has scheduled and will put into perspective. the virtues and threats of technology. In the book, the executive encourages the industry to change and governments to act to protect society from issues related to privacy, security and the preservation of democracies. On November 5, the second day of the Web Summit, Brad Smith will hold an autograph session and answer audience questions from the Microsoft booth.

For his part, Rashmi Gopinath will talk about the investment strategies of the fund he represents, M12, created by Microsoft to support, guide and finance entrepreneurs, particularly those using emerging technologies in business development.

Liat Ben-Zur comes to Portugal to reveal how Microsoft proposes to transform the internet for the benefit of economic activities.

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