Microsoft provides service to support organizations in fighting cybercrime

In a global context of a shortage of cybersecurity professionals, Microsoft announces the extension of its security offerings with the creation of Microsoft Security Experts.

The goal is to strengthen organizations’ protection, compliance and productivity by combining cutting-edge technologies with the expertise of Microsoft’s cybersecurity teams.

The security landscape is increasingly complex for organizations: cybercrime risks are increasing exponentially and there is a lack of qualified professionals in the area. In 2021 alone, Microsoft’s cybersecurity teams blocked more than 9.6 billion malware threats and more than 35.7 billion phishing emails.

Manuel Dias, NTO at Microsoft Portugal, comments: “With the increasing number of cyberattacks, it is increasingly challenging for organizations to build teams dedicated to cybersecurity with the appropriate level of experience to face today’s challenges.

In this regard, we launched new security services grouped in Microsoft Security Experts, which combine Microsoft technologies with the experience of our teams to protect organizations’ businesses, achieve compliance and manage identities and privacy.

In fact, technology alone is not enough to defend against cyber attacks – it is the combination of a comprehensive understanding of threats, trained professionals and cutting-edge technology that enables effective security strategies. Microsoft Security Experts allow Microsoft customers to develop their teams of experts according to their needs – without the challenges of recruiting or training professionals.

Microsoft’s new offering includes three levels of service:

  • Microsoft Defender Experts for Hunting: For organizations that have a robust Security Operations Center (SOC) but seek help from Microsoft in monitoring threats based on Microsoft Defender data. This service will be available this summer and you can request a preview now.
  • Microsoft Defender Experts for XDR: For organizations looking to strengthen their security operations centre’s detection and response capabilities through automation and human expertise. Microsoft Defender Experts for XDR will be available in preview in late 2022.
  • Microsoft Security Services for Enterprise: Aimed at large companies looking for more comprehensive services, combining proactive threat monitoring with enhanced operational management across all cloud environments and platforms. This service is now available.

Additionally, Microsoft will invest in the XDR (extended detection and response) partner ecosystem, including creating new APIs to help ensure partners have access to Microsoft threat data.

For more information about this new security offering from Microsoft, go here.

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