Microsoft marks the end of Windows 10 support for October 2025

On June 24th, Microsoft’s new operating system will be revealed, which will replace the current Windows 10.

Microsoft even took the opportunity to release a new video to help calm the spirits of those who are excited and can’t wait for the revelation of all the news that the company has planned.

There are no details, or release dates for the new Windows, but it probably won’t be long since Microsoft has already revealed that as of October 2025 it no longer supports the current operating system. There are many years to go, but it is certain that the transition of an operating system is always slow, not only at the personal level of end-users, as companies that have Windows 10 as the basis of their operations.

On the Windows 10 support page you have already set the end date of Windows 10, applying to Home, Pro, Pro Education, and Pro for Workstations versions. As of October 14, 2025, Microsoft has at least semi-annual updates. All in all, Windows thus fulfills its life cycle of almost 10 years, similar to the previous operating systems of the technological giant.

Microsoft’s presentation will be broadcast live on the 24th, starting at 4 pm (Lisbon time) and you will be able to follow the news on the technology giant’s website.

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