Microsoft promotes digital training actions for all

In recent years, the theme of lifelong learning has become increasingly a priority and a challenge for society.

At a time when the economy and society are undergoing a vital test of fire for the validation of all bets made (and not yet done) in technology, it is imperative to stop and think about how we can continue to invest in the development of new skills for this new hyperconnected and digital world. For all these reasons, Microsoft Portugal launches this week the Microsoft Virtual Mornings: Cloud Trainings initiative.

Under the motto “What are you going to do next Thursday?”, This digital initiative based on webinars takes place every Thursday at 10am with the first session already on the 9th of April. This is a webinar program that materializes in virtual technical sessions on a more current topic. The cloud.

We talked about Data & Analytics, Scalability with Windows Virtual Desktop, Migrating Server Infrastructure, Remote Work Security, Customer Insights with Power BI, Kubernetes and Devops and Azure Fundamentals. These are sessions through which participants can gain powerful knowledge and insights that enable more informed and secure IT decision making. Registration is free and done through the link

The world as we know it will not be the same, this abrupt change brought about by the need for social distance, in our lives and in our economy, will forever transform the concept of work and the operation of our companies. This event will make us have a leap of 5 to 10 years in the processes of digital transformation in progress, which forces us to make the same leap in terms of learning. That is why it is so important and necessary to invest in this important set of training initiatives and programs. So that we can all overcome this moment more qualified for the future.
– Paula Panarra, General Manager at Microsoft Portugal

Support for remote work through collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams1 became the topic of conversation in the new Virtual Coffee Breaks made by many companies. It has also been a topic in home conversations where many Portuguese families have transformed a dining table or guest room into an improvised office.

But not only did we move to remote work, we also moved to remote training. An example of this is the webinars. Microsoft Portugal recently gathered 5000 participants in a webinar where it showed the best practices for building “Your home office”.

We will repeat this free webinar again on the 14th of April, with many more on-demand to be found so that more people can also learn about these good practices that we need to implement in this new reality.

In October 2019, Vahé Torossian, Vice President of Microsoft Corporation, through an article published on LinkedIn, announced that Microsoft would help 1.3 million Europeans to develop technical skills. This announcement was based on a study by the World Economic Forum (WEF) that foresaw the creation of 133 million new professions.

This training can be carried out through an online training and learning platform – Microsoft Learn2 – which joined the initiative to help the development of new technical skills through Artificial Intelligence – AI School 3.

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