Miguel Ângelo, presented ‘Noite e Dia’

Teatro Maria Matos

Noite e Dia‘, the new album by Miguel Ângelo with two different but complementary blocks, was presented at Teatro Maria Matos to fans and friends who were present.

The Night (Noite) side presents a more personal, electronic and experimental approach (using digital tools accessible on a laptop). The Day (Dia) side results from the first collective rehearsals in 2020, where the band brought its input to other songs, more dedicated to future stages and with the energy and optimism that characterizes Miguel Ângelo’s career as an author and performer within the pop genre. rock and here also in the role of producer, he was on stage, with Mário Andrade on guitar, Bernardo Fesch on bass and keys and Jorge Quadros on drums.

Miguel Ângelo > Teatro Maria Matos ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 2021.11.30

It was with ‘Nocturno IV‘ that Miguel Ângelo opened the concert, a track from the Noite block, during the concert several guests were called to the stage, the first was Rui Maia, responsible for the production of the Noite block, followed by the themes ‘Dos 0 aos 100‘ and ‘A noite cega o dia‘.

During the night, Miguel Ângelo talked about his new work, explaining “It’s a record made up of two very different sides, a record that makes more sense on vinyl, but now it’s Adele’s fault we’re all out of vinyl until Christmas, the factories were hoarded to release half a million Adele vinyls, which can, can, as I was saying, is a record composed of two movements, one movement is the Night side, a slower tempo in terms of perception using electronic instruments it’s the progress of the confinement, we all stayed at home, we all found it very funny at first, it was something new, different, we had time for the family, to read books that were on the shelf, those huge shelves that appeared behind our Zoom’s in direct, but then it started to get a little weird, and the Night side was a bit composed like a soundtrack from those days“, on the day side I said “The Day side is a side where I go with these guys to the living room of rehearsals, in October 2020, and we started saying – This is going to open, let’s play outdoors, and we start making songs for stages…” and continued, “songs with a positive feeling, which was then sent back to low, but we’ll get there…

Foi com ‘Nocturno IV‘ que Miguel Ângelo abriu o concerto, uma faixa do bloco Noite, durante o concerto foi chamando ao palco vários convidados, o primeiro foi Rui Maia, responsável pela produção do bloco Noite, seguiu-se os temas ‘Dos 0 aos 100‘ e ‘A noite cega o dia‘.

Miguel Ângelo > Teatro Maria Matos ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 2021.11.30

Miguel mentions that “in this ‘Noite e Dia’, he tried to continue to strengthen ties, with the new Portuguese pop crowd, who I like and am a fan, and the next guest I’ve met Pedro since the Capitães de Areia, and I’ve been following his journey, now solo, and for the next song ‘A ver o mar’, I’m pleased to invite Pedro de Troia…

Pedro thanked him for the invitation, he was very happy to be able to sing this song with Miguel, Pedro also mentions that Miguel Ângelo was the first person to sing that he saw singing live, as a boy, in Figueira da Foz.

Miguel Ângelo > Teatro Maria Matos ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 2021.11.30

Afterwards, Co$tanza (Miguel Costa) took the stage, a former student of the course he taught in Music Production, Miguel Ângelo challenged him to make a remix of ‘Adiei‘, a theme for his new album.

It was with the first single of ‘Noite e Dia‘ that Maria Matos’ concert, ‘Déjà Vu would end, but the audience was not satisfied, and Miguel Ângelo treated the audience with two more songs ‘A girl like you‘ and
‘Soltem os prisioneiros‘, on a night in which Miguel returned to enchantment with his compositions.

Concert setlist

  • Nocturno IV
  • Dos 0 aos 100
  • A noite cega o dia
  • O tempo não espera
  • A canção
  • A ver o mar
  • Adiei – Remix
  • Grotesco
  • Quimera
  • Carnival
  • Déjà vu
  • A girl like you
  • Soltem os prisioneiros

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