Miguel Ângelo Quarteto presents live the album “Dança dos Desastrados”

After the release of the new album “Dança dos Desastrados” at the beginning of June, Miguel Ângelo Quarteto returns to the stage to present the new work.

The first concerts take place on the 18th of June, at Jazz no Parque, in Maia; followed by the concert at the Jazz ao Relent event, on 27 August, at the Palácio Cristal Gardens, in Porto; and on October 2, they travel to Seville, where they will perform at the Dos Hermanas Jazz Festival.

“Dança dos Desastrados” is an album based on possible traditional dances, real or imagined. This is the Quartet’s proposal to listen, feel and dance, even for the most “clumsy”. The physical disc is a true collection piece, in which the design is the responsibility of the graphic artist Maria Mónica. The disc has a limited edition of 250 units and can be purchased at

Miguel Ângelo is one of the most recognized jazz musicians on the national scene. In 2016, the album “A Vida de X” was considered by magazine, by critic Phil Barnes, by All About Jazz magazine and by several national critics as one of the best Jazz albums of 2016.

The bassist has already played with some of the great names in the national and international music scene, in which Chris Cheek, Ohad Talmor, Dan Weiss, Frank Vaganée, Virxílio Silva, among others, stand out.

The new album “Dança dos Desastrados” is also a digital project: the arts complement each other, intersect, overlap and, in conjunction, allow for new achievements and realities. Therefore, the double bass player and composer, who is also a computer programmer, teamed up with the graphic artist Maria Mónica, author of the album cover and, from the music and the album cover, created a new “autonomous” digital world, in shape of game, landscape and/or virtual reality so that music, drawing and technology enhance the sensory experience of the listener/interlocutor.

The Quartet:

Miguel Ângelo: Double Bass and Composition | João Guimarães: Sax | Joaquim Rodrigues: Piano | Marcos Cavaleiro: Drums

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