Miguel Araújo confirmed for EDPCoolJazz and invites Rui Veloso

Miguel Araújo‘s musical relationship with Rui Veloso goes back a long way. They are two pillars of Portuguese music in recent decades and will perform at the EDPCOOLJAZZ in a unique concert specially designed for the Hippodrome Manuel Possolo in Cascais. On the same night, Tiago Nacarato invites Bárbara Tinoco for a special appearance.

Miguel Araújo marks the actuality of Portuguese music. An unavoidable name, the artist from Porto is one of the unmistakable voices in the national music scene. “Anda Comigo ver os Aviões”, “Maridos das Outros”, “Pica do Sete” and “Dona Laura” are some of Miguel Araújo’s best known compositions. On the 23rd of July, Miguel Araújo plays at EDPCOOLJAZZ and for the concert, he invites one of his all-time heroes: Rui Veloso. “Sangemil” was the theme that brought together Miguel Araújo and Rui Veloso, with a song by Araújo to which Rui Veloso lent his voice and electric guitar.

Tiago Nacarato is a singer-songwriter from Porto with Brazilian roots and an early contact with music. The first single, “A Dança” was presented in April 2019, and the second “Tempo”, with the participation of Salvador Sobral, in November. This year he released two more songs, “Sol de Inverno”, in a duet with Paulinho Moska, and “Só Me Apetece Dançar”, with Ana Bacalhau. For the live presentation at the 17th edition of the EDPCOOLJAZZ, Tiago Nacarato invites Bárbara Tinoco, with whom he competed in the 2020 edition of the Festival da Canção with the theme “Passe-partout”.

Also confirmed on the poster of the 17th edition of EDPCOOLJAZZ are the artists John Legend (2 July 2022), Yann Tiersen (21 July 2022), Miguel Araújo/ Tiago Nacarato (23 July 2022), Lionel Richie (24 July 2022) and Jorge Ben Jor (30 July 2022), at the Hippodrome Manuel Possolo, in Cascais.

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