Miguel Araújo conquers Lisbon in the company of Friends and Heroes

Campo Pequeno

Great night, excellent concert, in the best company, with excellent guests, lots of joy, fun listening to the best music made in Portugal, summarizes Miguel Araújo’s concert in a crowded and happy Campo Pequeno.

Miguel Araújo, who celebrates ten years of his solo career, took to Campo Pequeno a special concert full of special guests, who added to this concert, even more, Rui Veloso, António Zambujo, César Mourão, Cláudia Pascoal and the Kapas, the band of uncles, in a night to remember all those themes that we all know, from radio and cinema or television.

Miguel Araújo > Campo Pequeno ©Luis M. Serrão – iNeews < 2022.04.21

Miguel Araújo, recalled that his career could have been very different, graduated in Management at the Catholic University, sometimes he thinks about how his life would have been, fortunately for all those who love and listen to his music, this is not his path, he also mentions that the idea that we all have about musicians, sex, drugs and rock n’roll, in his case, is not true, he hasn’t had sex anymore, he doesn’t have contact with drugs, he even thinks that in the business world they are luckier.

After leaving Azeitonas, 10 years ago, he never stopped conquering Portugal from north to south, as in this concert in Lisbon, where he had the company of friends and heroes, Miguel Araújo had his usual band on stage, Joana Almeirante on guitar and vocals, Pedro Romualdo on guitar, Mário Costa on drums, Diogo Santos on keyboards and accordion, Luiz Megre Beça on percussion and Pedro Santos on bass, which was also joined in this concert by a brass group, Rui Pedro Silva on trumpet, Paulo Perfeito on trombone, Paulo Gravato on baritone saxophone and João Martins on saxophone and musical direction.

Miguel Araújo > Campo Pequeno ©Luis M. Serrão – iNeews < 2022.04.21

Cláudia Pascoal, the first guest, joined Miguel on stage to sing ‘Vamos Por Tudo‘, followed by César Mourão for ‘Será Amor‘, one of the three songs he composed for the 2016 film “A Canção de Lisboa” with guitarist Joana Almeirante to play the female voice, with the charm she always has.

António Zambujo, the fantastic Alentejo was the guest who followed, in a joking tone, Miguel says “He will take a while longer, because the people of that region are slower“, and with the public already standing to welcome him with a huge ovation, a duo that since 2016 enchants Portugal and sells out rooms in the two most important rooms in the country, the coliseum in Lisbon and Porto, and with the company of the audience that sang in choir, they sing ‘No Rancho Fundo‘ and ‘Romaria das Festas of Santa Eufemia‘.


Then enters the room, who for Miguel is one of his musical heroes, Rui Veloso, the main person responsible for his musical career, it was Rui’s Rock that made him follow this career, and adds, “Now I even shave my chest hair, but even so, my chest hairs stand on end when I say this: ladies and gentlemen, Rui Veloso!“, and alone with their guitars, they sing a memorable ‘O Prometido é Devido‘ and even ‘Sangemil‘.

With the concert coming to an end, Kapas entered, special guests announced by Miguel Araújo, jokingly says that the band was created in “1143“, composed by Miguel’s uncles who masterfully interpreted ‘Like a Rolling Stone‘, by Bob Dylan, in one of the most emotional and fun night, and almost at the end of Miguel’s invitation he put the band, the guests and then the audience dancing, before ending to the sound of ‘Anda Comigo Ver os Aviões‘, an excellent concert.

Miguel Araújo > Campo Pequeno ©Luis M. Serrão – iNeews < 2022.04.21

If you didn’t have the opportunity to see it, go to Porto, on the 21st of May, the party will be at Pavilhão Rosa Mota.

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