Miguel Resende Bastos wins the Musa Award

The prize has a monetary value of 3,000 euros and Miguel Resende Bastos will be part of the next MPMP season, as a resident composer, with the MPMP Ensemble recording in the studio.

The Musa Prize aims to distinguish the excellence of contemporary composition and, in this context, to stimulate and promote the Portuguese language as an expressive vehicle.

This year the award had as its motto the centenary of the birth of the writer Ruben A. (1920-1975), author among other books of ‘A Torre de Barbela’ (1965).

Resende Bastos says that he sought an unshakable fidelity to the original text, or at least to what he [believes] his spirit is, as well as a total symbiosis between the prose proclaimed and the music.

The composer focused on the most introspective elements and assumed George Crumb and Witold Lutoslawski as two determining influences in the formation of his language.

The jury was composed by composers Andreia Pinto Correia and Januibe Tejera and conductor Jan Wierzba.

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