Miguel Tela’s new single now available on digital platforms

“It was, in fact, a love at first sight that accompanied me throughout my adolescence and also university life. Currently I have more than 30 string instruments, but I still keep it with great affection”, Miguel Tela tells us about his first guitar, received at the age of 6 on a Christmas night.

With a degree in Biology and Geology from the University of Braga, Miguel Tela was unable to “resist” the call of music “I reached a point where I felt the need to learn more and consolidate everything I did in an empirical way. In Braga, I attended a school of jazz and took private lessons in the area of ​​rock/blues/jazz. After completing my degree, I began, in parallel to biology, to teach guitar lessons and, once again, felt the need to know more, joining the conservatory in the course of classical guitar. I wouldn’t think of living away from music”.

In addition to the name of the next album to be released in October, Encontro is the sixth single to be released in 2020. A decision made by Miguel Tela in times of confinement “I came up with the idea of ​​releasing a single a month, using digital platforms and social media as the main means of dissemination. At home, during confinement, I produced the songs entirely. In my studio, I recorded all the instruments, mixed and mastered. Out of necessity, I immersed myself in video editing and produced my video clips”.

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