Miguel Vieira with full parade in Milan asks for support to the Government

The designer Miguel Vieira was sold out today at the presentation of the autumn-winter / 2020 collection in Milan’s men’s fashion week and asked the government for more support for the Portuguese fashion with the creation of national product quotas.

After presenting this afternoon 40 coordinates of the new collection, ‘A winter in Africa’, which should arrive in stores from August 15, the creator assumes that the Government and Portuguese businessmen should support more ‘designers ‘ because Portugal is not a country with a fashionable tradition.

To raise the awareness of entrepreneurs, to create quotas for a Portuguese product and to try to make a great campaign to consume what is Portuguese and for the industrialists also to realize that they have to help the designers,” were some measures listed this afternoon by Miguel Vieira, who celebrated 18 years of career in 2018 and presented for the fifth consecutive time his collections in the men’s fashion week in Milan.

According to that creator, the designers are not having the opportunity, because when they want to make a basic piece in a factory, that same factory says that ten thousand pieces or three thousand pieces have to be made and if the creators want to make a piece only with one detail or with a collar in reverse so it is a “giant war“.

In the end, when we do the parades out there, we are a little bit the ones who set up the tent, we do the circus, we do everything, the industrialists then sell it, and they have millions and billions and we [creators] invest money ” to make the collections.

Miguel Vieira today had a “shock of emotion” at the end of the parade, because, it was especially difficult to present the autumn/winter/ 2020 collection, because the factories were closed during the Christmas period and only reopened on January 7.

The factories began to work this week, day 7, and therefore had to have a collection almost ready in November and November is a very large race, because Portugal, Spain and Italy, which are three countries on which we depend on fabric, shoes, furs, etc. and everything was closed.

The designer reiterated the request to the Government of António Costa to look at Portugal and realize that it is “fashionable and that you can fill rooms and that the product has the quality to go to Portugal to manufacture.

The collection of Miguel Vieira was today seen by about 500 people in Via Tortona 54 in Milan and the parade opened to the sound of ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ By the British band Artic Monkeys, with the Portuguese model Francisco Henriques, 23, who also paraded today for the Dolce & Gabbana brand, in a sky blue trousers and coat.

With winter less rigorous than winter in Europe, Miguel Vieira explained that the new collection also reflects the way we live today, where people spend a lot of time in air-conditioned places and do not need shelters as heavy as once.

The usual colours of Miguel Vieira remain black and white, but the creator, despite maintaining this tradition in his work, presented today coordinates in different tones like “bronze beige, other orange, yellow curry, sky blue, brown tobacco and “navy blue“, a “sky blue” and a “sand beige” as the basis for the other colors that together tell the history of the continent.

Geometric elements reminiscent of ethnic prints and colours, velvets, bombazines, sequins and quilted fabrics are the stakes in the ‘Winter in Africa’ collection, which also promises to present distinctive accessories ranging from mountain boots to sneakers with a half boot up arrive at the leather shopping bags to imitate plastic bags.

The next international stop of Portugal Fashion is on January 16 for the men’s fashion week in Paris (France), where the designer Hugo Costa will present for the sixth consecutive time his pieces of clothing, in a collection entitled ‘Maybe we’ll be together again ‘.

Portugal Fashion is co-financed by Portugal 2020 under the Compete 2020 Operational Program for Competitiveness and Internationalization, with funds from the European Regional Development Fund.

In September 2018, after more than 20 years of working with individual strategies, Portugal Fashion and ModaLisboa signed a protocol of “union of efforts in the promotion of Portuguese fashion“, in a ceremony presided by the Prime Minister António Costa, in the city of Porto.

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