Miio and Europcar Mobility Group team up to make electric mobility more affordable

  • Europcar customers now have access to a number of advantages, such as payment directly through the miio app, without having to resort to physical payment cards.
  • All miio users will have access to a 15% discount on the public rate valid when renting cars, vans, bicycles and motorbikes at Europcar.

miio, a Portuguese company that is innovating in the area of ​​electric mobility, joins the Europcar Mobility Group to make electric mobility more accessible for Europcar customers who use electric vehicles.

The car rental company, which is increasing its fleet of electric and hybrid vehicles, intends to make it easier and more intuitive for its customers to use electric vehicles, who can access a range of useful information and actions through miio. From access to information about the nearest charging stations and the number of available outlets to 100% digital payment without the use of physical payment cards, Europcar customers can now rent an environmentally friendly car in a simpler and more intuitive way.

Electric mobility is intrinsically linked to sustainability, a current and pertinent topic to which we must all pay attention. Joining Europcar, to enable its customers using trams to enjoy a simple and unhindered experience, is another step we take towards making electric mobility increasingly accessible to a greater number of people“, says Daniela Simões, CEO and co-founder of miio.

As part of this partnership, Europcar will offer, for a year, special rental conditions to all miio users, namely a 15% discount on the public rate valid when renting cars, commercial vans, bicycles and motorbikes.

miio has been innovating in the area of ​​electric mobility in Portugal, with the introduction of a set of features for electric car users. Earlier this year, the company announced the digital charging of electric vehicles across the entire Mobi.E network, without the need for a physical charging card. Additionally, miio was also the first company to introduce ad-hoc charging, without recourse to a contract, which is similar to the refuelling of a combustion vehicle.

Also this year, the company also launched a rating feature for the national network of charging stations, through an algorithm developed by the company, which leads to an impartial and reasoned assessment of charging stations for users of electric vehicles.

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