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Miio and Ionity launch the first vehicle charging experience using a QRCode

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Miio, the Portuguese company that is innovating in the area of ​​electric mobility, announces a new experience of charging electric vehicles, even simpler and without a contract, through a partnership with Ionity, operator of charging stations responsible for the inauguration of the first Ultra-Fast Charging Stations (350 kW) in Portugal.

[/ dropcap] Through this new way of charging, any user of an electric vehicle, even if it is a foreign tourist, can make a charge without requiring a contract and in an even simpler way. Just go to a service station, scan the QRCode, insert a credit card and start your charging session. Ionity is the first charging station operator (OPC) to offer this new way of charging, through a partnership with miio.

From now on, any user of an electric vehicle driving to one of Ionity’s ultra-fast charging stations does not need to be associated with a CEME (Electricity Trader for Electric Mobility) to be able to carry out the charging, nor does it need to prior knowledge of the existence of any charging solution, just read the QRCode that is at the station.

Miio is again the first company to introduce this new way of charging and continues to innovate in the electric mobility sector in Portugal. In this way, it provides more convenience and ease of use for electric vehicle drivers, who are now able to charge their vehicle even more simply, without any contract or commitment.

For Daniela Simões, CEO of miio, ‘Our goal is to continue to innovate in the electric mobility sector in Portugal, allowing any driver, regardless of whether or not to reside in Portugal, to be able to charge their electric vehicle more and more simple and without bureaucracy. This partnership with Ionity is another step in that direction, allowing any user who does not know how to charge, to know how to proceed as soon as he arrives at the station’.

For Dr. Michael Hajaesch, CEO of Ionity, ‘We were looking for a local partner, in Portugal, that would allow us to provide an experience equal to that which Ionity already offers in the rest of Europe. The partnership signed with miio allowed us not only to make this solution available very soon, but also opens the door to a partnership with a greater extent.’

The miio application provides users of electric vehicles with essential information so that they can travel in peace, informing where the charging stations are, what is their power, if they are available and functional, what is the price, among many other information. The user can be notified of when the station he wants to use is available, compare prices, know the current and future status of the national network and plan routes. The app innovates not only in the simple and aggregate price, but also in the cost control that it provides to users.

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