Miio and Power Dot team up to bring ad hoc shipments to the entire Portuguese territory

The two companies are starting a pilot project that aims to allow ad hoc charging – with immediate payment, through a QRCode to facilitate the charging of electric vehicles on the public network – in more than 100 chargers.

The goal is to reach the milestone of 500 ad hoc shippers by the end of 2022 throughout the national territory.

miio and Power Dot announce the start of a pilot project that aims to bring ad hoc charging to the entire Portuguese territory and help make electric mobility increasingly accessible and intuitive for users of electric vehicles.

The project starts in January with 100 chargers in some parts of the national territory that provide electric vehicle users with immediate payment for their charging on public roads through a QRCode. The objective of miio and Power Dot is to extend this charging option to the entire Portuguese territory and to reach a total of 500 chargers by the end of 2022.

We are very proud to announce this further step by miio to simplify electric mobility in Portugal, providing the community of tram users with greater access to payment options, especially for those who want to be free from any contract, who have just purchased an electric vehicle or who only visit Portugal as a tourist. Power Dot stood out as the right partner for this project, as it is a reference brand in this sector with values ​​that align with those of miio.”, says Daniela Simões, CEO and co-founder of miio.

Our goal is to create more opportunities for people to charge their vehicles, either by investing in new chargers in places that are integrated into people’s lives or by diversifying payment methods. In this way, we started the partnership with miio, where we want to give all users a more comfortable and simple experience, allowing greater universality.” – says José Maria Sacadura, GM of Portugal and co-founder of Power Dot.

Information about the chargers will be available on the miio app, indicating that it is a Power Dot charger that allows ad hoc charging via the QRCode.

With this type of charging, any user of an electric vehicle can charge on public roads without needing to sign a contract with a CEME (Electricity Trader for Electric Mobility) and pay automatically when charging. Just go to a service station, scan the QRCode, insert a credit card and start your charging session.

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