Miio introduces occasional, non-contract payments for charging electric vehicles

Miio, a Portuguese company that is innovating in the area of ​​electric mobility, announces the launch of miio Pay, a feature that allows payment to be made when charging the electric vehicle across the public network.

With the objective of providing more convenience and transparency to users of electric vehicles, the new functionality allows the driver to pay for the charging of his vehicle at any of the more than 2000 public service stations, at the same time he charges the electric vehicle. Previously, payment for shipments was made once a month, on a consolidated basis.

The operation of miio Pay is similar to the supply of a combustion vehicle, not requiring the existence of a contract or subscription to a service of a CEME (Electricity Trader for Electric Mobility), or even the existence of a physical card. loading. The user only needs to access the miio application, indicate what amount he wants to charge, make the payment and start his charging session.

Miio is the first company to introduce this new functionality and continues to innovate in the electric mobility sector in Portugal. In this way, it provides more convenience and ease of use to electric vehicle drivers, who are able to charge their vehicle immediately, even if they have installed the app at the moment, without any contract or commitment.

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