Miio launches new charging station network rating feature

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The algorithm developed by the Portuguese electric mobility company allows an impartial and reasoned assessment of charging stations to be made available to users of electric vehicles.

New miio Score feature is made available in the miio app with a rating from 0 to 10 that provides information on the quality of the experience of each charging station.

miio, a Portuguese company that is innovating in the area of electric mobility, today announces the miio Score, a new feature in the application for users of electric vehicles.

From now on, miio users can access classification of the complete network of charging stations, created through an algorithm developed by the company and which takes into account several evaluation parameters relevant to the proper functioning of the station, thus providing an impartial and reasoned assessment.

Each station will receive a rating on a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 translates to an unreliable station not recommended by miio and 10 to a totally reliable and trustworthy station for the tram user, recommended by miio.

For miio, the reliability of a charging station is something very important, and with the launch of this new feature, we intend to help the driver of a tram to make correct and quick decisions. Having information about the quality of the service station on their side, the user will be able to distinguish a reliable service station, which meets the expected standards, from a service station with potential problems, so that they don’t waste time and avoid frustration.”, explains Daniela Simões, CEO and co-founder of miio.

In addition to launching this new feature for electric vehicle users, miio is also giving charging station operators (OPCs) access to a platform that allows them to see and act on stations in need of repair. “With this platform aimed at charging station operators, we are also bringing them closer to the community that drives an electric vehicle every day, and making electric mobility increasingly functional and accessible to everyone”, stresses Daniela Simões.

Launched two years ago, miio is currently the only application that allows the user to view the final price and compare it with tariffs from other CEMEs (Electricity Traders for Electric Mobility). Through the application, it is possible to know, precisely, and based on the station, time of day and vehicle, how much the user will pay for that charge, and without recourse to any card. miio also has a strong community that allows users not only to clarify doubts among themselves but also to make the information available in the application more complete and reliable.

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