“Mikado” is the new single from producer Crate Diggs and MC NOIATT

2 de Maio estreia vídeo oficial

Tuesday the 2nd of May marks the debut of the theme “Mikado”, a theme that will be part of the collaborative EP between producer Crate Diggs and MC NOIATT entitled “L’CHAIM”.

In Hebrew “L’CHAIM” is used when toasting, as if it were a special toast “To Life”, and it is with this permission that the duo embarked on the making of this EP.

Crate Diggs is the producer of this project while NOIATT is the MC and they bring us 6 songs with drumless hip-hop influences in the style of MIKE, Alchemist, Boldy James, and Action Bronson, among others.

The EP was mixed and mastered by kronfather.

The music video for “Mikado was recorded by Crate Diggs and NOIATT, with the help of Sara Cunha. Editing was handled by NOIATT.

Still this year Crate Diggs released a beat tape entitled “Mais um, Entre Tantos, Vol.2” and a collaborative project with producer DoisPês entitled “slowjoyntz”.

On the other side, NOIATT released the theme “O Momento” with Débora Rocha, a theme that will be part of their future album entitled “Disappearance Progressive”.

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