Milhanas makes known today “Corpo de Mulher”, a theme composed by Agir

Competitor for the Song Festival

The Song Festival 2022 is coming and Milhanas participates for the first time in the contest, revealing today the theme with which he will compete – Women’s Body. The song is now available on Youtube.

Eurovision is the biggest musical event on a world scale that unites not only competing musicians but all those who follow the careers of authors and performers. The semifinals are scheduled for March 5th and 7th – the date of Milhanas’ performance – and the final will take place on March 12th.

Corpo de Mulher” was written by AGIR, one of the most renowned artists of his generation, who had already made a special appearance in the 2021 edition with the performance of “Flor Sem Tempo” and “E Além do Adeus”. This theme of AGIR, gives continuity to the work that he is developing, in which instead of the music and the melody being the basis of the composition, now it is the word that grows the music. The renowned artist chose Milhanas, one of the young promises of Portuguese music, to interpret the song.

Milhanas, confesses that he will draw inspiration from the word, silence and interpretation from fado. He studied music since he was a child, having learned violin, attended vocal technique classes, mainly directed to the area of jazz and modern music at Musicentro de Lisboa, and Teatro Musical. 2021 was the great debut year for the artist, who edited the first single “Lamentos” and performed for the first time in front of the public at Super Bock Em Stock.

Great things are ahead for this new artist, who has already been recognized for a unique and dazzling voice to which interpretations worthy of the greatest divas are added.

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