Milhanas debuts with “Lamentos”

«Although I’m not a fado singer, “Lamentos” was the first song I wrote after fado wanted me to meet him.” miles

Milhanas publishes today “Lamentos”, the first original theme that he makes known to the general public. Born at dawn, this sad song, in which Milhanas complains about her laments and cries the urgency of feeling at peace, reveals a fado singer’s soul. She who, despite not being a fado singer, confesses to being in fado that she will draw inspiration and remember the importance of words, silence and interpretation.

Milhanas is 20 years old. She studied music since she was a child, having learned the violin, attending vocal technique classes, mainly directed to the area of ​​jazz and modern music at Musicentro de Lisboa, and Teatro Musical.

Milhanas chooses Fausto, with whom her father worked and worked as a producer, as her greatest musical influence and found in fado the inspiration to compose, as it was in him that she came to know «the power of speech and interpretation».

A nocturnal person by nature, Milhanas promises to soon reveal more compositions born in the early morning hours.

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