Thousands of people visited the Madeira and Agência Abreu space

Rock in Rio Lisboa 2022

The first weekend of the festival registered great enthusiasm from the public at No. 6 of Rock. In the VIP area, more than 600 ponchas were served to guests such as Cristina Ferreira, Bernardo Sousa, and Pedro Teixeira. On the 25th and 26th of June, the entertainment will continue and there are still two trips to Madeira to offer.

The joint space of the Madeira Promotion Association and the Abreu Agency received, on the 18th and 19th of June, thousands of festival-goers in great animation, and not even David Carreira and Carolina Carvalho were missing. Passionate about the Region, the singer and actress were present: they took pictures with the fans, tried their luck at roulette, and shared some stories from their visits to the island.

Since the doors opened, on both days, the stand registered a great turnout, with the biggest queues on the street. Roulette never stopped spinning and there were many gifts offered – from the typical candy necklaces from Madeira to the flaps with the typical pattern of the Region, through backpacks, fans, or key rings from Agência Abreu.

The most creative ones participated in the contest that offered a daily trip to Madeira and two were awarded.

In RiR’s VIP space, the great live performances were accompanied by a glass of poncha. More than 600 were served to the countless guests who passed by, such as Cristina Ferreira, Pedro Teixeira, and Bernardo Sousa.

BisBis Poncha’s Happy Madeira Hour was the responsibility of BisBis Poncha: the idea of ​​the company was born in the post-pandemic period, at the end of 2021, as a result of the desire of one of the founding partners to change her life, starting to combine creativity with love for his homeland and his wonderful drink: the poncha. To do so, he challenged two friends and now, this trio is responsible for the project. BisBis Poncha is made with natural products, in an artisanal way, and on-demand. It is already present in some Lisbon bars where Madeira and its flavors are promoted and shared.

The festival doors open again on the 25th and 26th of June. Madeira and Agência Abreu reinforce the invitation for everyone to visit number 6 of Rock Street where they will be able to find a cheerful postcard of the Region, with images that make you dream of the destination, hosts dressed in the typical colors of Madeira and costumes designed by the Madeiran stylist Mariana Sousa (SOUS brand). There is also a roulette wheel always ready to give away numerous prizes and two trips to the island still to be drawn.

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