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Mimi Froes presented Contornos

Teatro Maria Matos

Contornos is Mimi Froes’ first album and tells us her stories and a need for control that will not persist throughout our lives, and a room full of friends and fans loved every moment of the concert.

Mimi opened the night at Teatro Maria Matos, with “Não Faz Mal Não Estar Bem”, one of the songs from her EP Vamos Conversar, nominated for a Golden Globe, alone on stage, and soon won over everyone who filled the room from the first wake up.

Mimi Froes < 2023.11.29 < Teatro Maria Matos ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

Owner of a contagious friendliness, she took the audience on a beautiful and emotional musical journey, between stories and songs from her two EPs and the album Contornos, a well-produced and structured work between pop and jazz, which enchanted her many friends and fans who sold out the Lisbon venue.

In the company of Manuel Oliveira on piano, Rodrigo Correia on double bass, Guilherme Melo on drums and Manuel Rocha on guitar, we can hear “Declarações de Meia-noite”, “E a Cantar”, from the EP E a cantar, “Conto”, “Que assim seja” and “Águas Passadas” which featured the first guest, Luísa Sobral.

Mimi Froes < 2023.11.29 < Teatro Maria Matos ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

The concert continued with “Rembrar-me de Respirar”, “Desenhos de Giz”, and “Torno”, then came the second guest Afonso Pais who accompanied on his guitar on the song “Velhos”.

Mimi Froes, who has already appeared on several national stages such as Tivoli, Theatro Circo, EDP cooljazz and now at Teatro Maria Matos, once again won over the public, who sang with her and even danced while sitting down.

Mimi Froes < 2023.11.29 < Teatro Maria Matos ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

With the concert in the final stretch, he also sang “Juiz”, “Vai Ruir”, and “Casa da Rocha” with his last guest, Tomás Marques on saxophone, responsible for the production of Contornos, ending with “Contornos” and “Não vás já” written by Luísa Sobral.

An excellent concert with the signature That Abraço, which will be repeated tomorrow December 1st at Casa da Música, in Porto in a room that is also already sold out, the negative note was the lighting, poor with poorly chosen colours and many areas without lighting, with Mimi going dark whenever she leaves the fixed microphone.

Mimi Froes < 2023.11.29 < Teatro Maria Matos ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

See here the photos of Mimi Froes’ concert at Teatro Maria Matos

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