Minister of Culture delivers Wednesday Vasco Graça Moura Award

The Minister of Culture, Graça Fonseca, will deliver the Vasco Graça Moura Award – Cultural Citizenship / 2018 to Vítor Aguiar e Silva and the literary prizes Fernando Namora and Revelação Agustina Bessa-Luís, relating to 2017.

The ceremony is scheduled for 18:00 and the literary prizes Fernando Namora and Revelation Agustina Bessa-Luís, instituted by Estoril Sol, will be delivered, respectively, to Ana Cristina Silva and Rui Lage, announced the organization.

The writer and essayist Vítor Aguiar e Silva, former vice-rector of the University of Minho, is an “example of cultural citizenship that connects the didactic dimension with scientific and pedagogical,” said the jury of the Vasco Graça Moura Prize – Cultural Citizenship / 2018, which was chaired by Guilherme d’Oliveira Martins.

The jury highlighted the “unusual course” of Aguiar e Silva “in the fields of Literary Theory, a fundamental instrument in the formation of generations, of Portuguese Literature and in the fixation and study of a relevant part of the Camonian work, in a brilliant public intervention exercise, his university teaching, and the high missions in the field of language and education policy. ”

This is the 3rd edition of the award, with a monetary value of 40,000 euros, which in previous editions distinguished Eduardo Lourenço (2016) and José Carlos Vasconcelos (2017).

The Fernando Namora Literary Prize, with the monetary value of 15,000 euros, in its 20th edition was unanimously attributed to Ana Cristina Silva, for the novel “The Night Is Not Eternal”.

The jury also presided over by Oliveira Martins, noted that the winning novel “is a work that articulates from the social, political and human reality of Romanian children and their families during the Nicolae Ceausescu dictatorship”.

“The Night Is Not Eternal” is “a beautiful narrative composition with sober and caring language, which values, in particular, the narrative of a poignant drama, in a stifling and obsessive political framework. It is a story built on the labyrinths of tyranny.” jury.

The 10th Anniversary of Agustina Bessa-Luís Award, in its 10th edition, unanimously distinguished Rui Lage for his first novel, “The Invisible”, which proposes a fictional approach to the more hidden side of Fernando Pessoa, and was recently edited by Gradiva, within the scope of this distinction.

The jury considered it to be “a novel with remarkable imaginative brilliance” in which “Fernando Pessoa’s historical figure is made into a novel character and placed at the centre of a very original plot of fiction that creatively crosses referents known from the time and culture people, particularly its occult and/or esoteric aspects “.

The jury of the Estoril Sol Literary Prizes, as well as Guilherme d’Oliveira Martins, was also composed of José Manuel Mendes, the Portuguese Writers Association, Manuel Frias Martins, the Portuguese Association of Literary Critics, Maria Carlos Loureiro, the General Directorate of the Book, Archives and Libraries, Maria Alzira Seixo and Liberto Cruz, invited individually, and also Nuno Lima de Carvalho and Dinis de Abreu, for Estoril Sol.

The jury that awarded the Vasco Graça Moura Prize – Cultural Citizenship was composed by the same personalities and also included José Carlos Seabra Pereira, and was also presided over by Oliveira Martins.

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