Miramar present new single “Recolher”

With the participation of Mário Laginha

Miramar, a project by the duo Frankie Chavez and Peixe, presents its second album of originals “Miramar II”, distributed by Universal Music Portugal, released on January 28, 2022, and is already on pre-sale.

Before the release of “Miramar II“, the duo presents the second single in anticipation of this new album, “Recolher“, which features pianist and composer Mário Laginha.

Ironically, the pandemic ended up facilitating this meeting, since, at the time the single was recorded, the schedules of the musicians and the studio itself were much more available than what would be normal in pre-pandemic times. Having thus met the conditions for this collaboration, the theme “Recolher” resulted from a short but intense meeting, in which Miramar’s guitars crossed with Mário Laginha’s piano in a surprisingly fluid and organic way.

When we were creating the arrangement for the theme ‘Recolher’ it occurred to us that the introduction of a piano could take the theme to a more poetic and deeper dimension. We immediately remembered to invite Mário Laginha and a couple of days later he responded positively to our invitation. We then agreed to record his part at CARA/OJM studios in Matosinhos, with João Bessa who had previously recorded us in his studio in Miramar. Mário did some takes and curiously he was the first one that stayed in the version end of the theme.” says Frankie Chavez.

The video that accompanies the release of “Recolher“, directed by Jorge Quintela, is composed of images captured during the studio sessions in which the theme was recorded.

About “Miramar II”:
Miramar II” stems from the will of this guitarist duo (who met for the first time at the Guitarras ao Alto festival) to continue making music together, in the same natural and spontaneous way they did on their debut album. A new chapter of a still short story that wants to belong.

The album was recorded at Miramar Sessions Studio, located not by chance, in the place that gave the project its name, the coastal town of Miramar, in the municipality of V. N. de Gaia. The studio sessions took place in 2020, during a week in April (still in the period of confinement) and another in December. The sessions were recorded by João Bessa who, together with Frankie Chavez and Peixe, signed the production of the album.

Peixe about the musical process of Miramar says that “the songs and arrangements came from nowhere, without a map and without palpable origin, they spring from the inside of our musical bodies that stimulate each other and trigger in the other the magic of creativity, the inexplicable fluidity of things that against the odds become simple. It is difficult, therefore, to choose titles that enclose and imprison in concepts of this world of concrete ideas, the sound, universal ideas, which should never be subjected to this inuniversal concretization.”

Miramar’s music, being experimental, requires conch ears, used to listening to a sea of ​​guitars that are more evocative than real. It is a laboratory of places, a kind of journey around a room, and its scenic unfolding a It would seem that this is typically a small country for two soloists, were it not for this space of escape for two paisanos, doubled by two unique horizons of the landscape.Daniel Jonas, poet and playwright, tells us about Miramar II.

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