Miramar edit second disc of originals

“Miramar II” is released on January 28, 2022

Miramar, a project by the duo Frankie Chavez and Peixe, returns to the originals with their second full-length album, which will be released on January 28, 2022.

Miramar II“, the name of the album that follows the homonymous record released in 2019, integrates the already known theme “Brower” as well as the new single “Recolher“, which has the participation of pianist and composer Mário Laginha and is published in the January 21st, a week before the album’s release.

Miramar II” stems from the will of this guitarist duo, who found themselves unusually in an edition of the Alentejo festival Guitarras ao Alto, to continue to make music together, in the same natural and spontaneous way they did on their debut album. A new chapter of a still brief story that is hoped to belong.

The album was recorded at Miramar Sessions Studio, located not by chance, in the place that gave its name to the project, the coastal town of Miramar, in the municipality of V. N. de Gaia. The studio sessions took place in 2020, during a week in April (still in the period of the first quarantine) and another in December. The sessions were recorded by João Bessa who, together with Frankie Chavez and Peixe, signs the production of the album.

Peixe on the musical process of the Miramar says that “the songs and arrangements came from nowhere, without a map and without a palpable origin, they sprout from the interior of our musical bodies that stimulate each other and trigger in the other the magic of creativity, the inexplicable fluidity of things that against the odds become simple. It is difficult, therefore, to choose titles that enclose and imprison concepts in this world of concrete ideas, the sound, universal ideas, which should never be subjected to this un-universal realization.

But as for the titles that the two musicians reached an agreement on, the lineup is composed of 11 themes and in the following order:

  • Prelúdio
  • Brower
  • Cavatina
  • PortRoyal
  • Terra Arde
  • Estocolmo
  • Recolher
  • Celulitite
  • Charlie
  • Lisboa 2020
  • Até um dia
  • Safira

Miramar’s music, being experimental, requires conch-like ears, fond of listening to a sea of ​​guitars more evocative than real. It is a laboratory of places, a kind of journey around a room, and its scenic unfolding because of its tension. One would say that this is typically a small country for two soloists, were it not for the escape of two paisanos, doubled by two unique landscape horizons.Daniel Jonas, poet and playwright, tells us about Miramar II.

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