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MirAnda presents A Woman in the City in Lisbon

dia 18 de Maio no B.Leza

On May 18th, at 9:30 pm, at B.Leza, MirAnda will present her debut album Uma Mulher na Cidade live.

This concert is a meeting of Lisbon’s cultural and musical diversity with the presence of MirAnda (voice), Simone Carugatti (Guitar and Ukulele) and Marcos Alves (keyboards, percussion and programming).

For this celebration and live performance, MirAnda also invites several musicians who will take to the stage to perform some of the themes with her or to add to the sounds of their world, the worlds and sounds they bring with them. Musicians that MirAnda got to know throughout her wanderings through the streets and places of the city. Meetings, sharing, conversations, friendships and complicities expressed in music.

gal tamir
Gal Tamir

Gal Tamir (Al’Fado), multifaceted singer and composer, brings a rich musical background, combining influences that range from classical to contemporary, from jazz to pop.

Gil Dionísio (Criatura, Pás de Problème, Contos e Lenga Lendas), a multidisciplinary artist, self-taught, lyricist and storyteller, multi-instrumentalist and irredeemable showman with diverse proposals that oscillate between writing, video, sound and composition for the most varied media, with a focus on music (especially violin, voice and piano) and the many performing arts, from theatre to dance.

gil dionisio
Gil Dionisio

Jean Marc Dercle, a.k.a. Pablo (Oquestrada, Incrível Tasca Móvel), set designer/builder, creator, author, composer and musician. He arrived in Portugal in 2000 and established the Piajio-Associação Cultural.

Joana Dágua, founder of PLANO V which involves music, dance, performance and painting. Rapper, composer and producer, her music is a hybrid like the artist herself: Portuguese and Afrofuturist. Sensual and queer. Synesthetic and activist. Warm and philosophical. It is interventional electronic music shown live in synesthetic performances in which dance is the protagonist.

jean marc
Jean Marc

Mbye Ebrima, korist, composer, singer and storyteller. He was born into a Jéli family – kora players and renowned promoters of Mandinka-kaabunké history for many generations. He has collaborated with musicians such as Selma Uamusse, Moullinex and Kimi Djabaté.

Marta Miranda, a multifaceted artist, flourished as the lead singer of the band OqueStrada, starting in 2002. OqueStrada, under her musical direction, created a unique style called “FadoBeat”, which mixes influences from Portuguese fado, Afro-Brazilian beats and hip-hop The band’s success led them to play at festivals and prestigious venues throughout Europe, culminating in the invitation, the only one to date for a Portuguese band, to perform at the Nobel Peace Prize gala/concert in Oslo, in 2012.

After the success with OqueStrada, Marta Miranda now embarks on a solo path as MirAnda. Her debut album, Uma Mulher na Cidade, which is an allusion to Carlos do Carmo’s 1977 album Um Homem na Cidade, reflects the musical and cultural diversity of a cosmopolitan Lisbon, exploring influences ranging from fado to funaná, passing through desert blues and Argentine cumbia. The album features the collaboration of talented artists from all over the world, united by their passion for the city and what MirAnda calls “The Lovers of Lisbon”, thus referring to the 1955 film Os Lovers of the Tagus, with Amália Rodrigues as the protagonist.

joana d'água
Joana d’Água

The selection of the album’s repertoire is divided between fados and original compositions, with a total of 10 songs. In fado, MirAnda highlighted the composers and the diversity of styles, such as Alain Oulman and Artur Ribeiro, who represent two distinct aesthetics and lineages within this musical genre. Producing the album is Alê Siqueira, multi-awarded with 3 Grammys and producer of artists such as Caetano Veloso, Os Tribalistas or Elza Soares.

mbye ebrima
Mbye Ebrima

This album is a celebration of women’s right to public space, the right to loiter at any time of the day. It talks about a free woman’s journey through the city streets and her encounters with the people, musicians, melodies and sounds she encounters along the way. In MirAnda’s words: “In OqueStrada, I sang the outskirts of Lisbon. In this new work, I sing my steps around the city. In the name of Lisbon, this meeting place, «Uma Mulher na Cidade» is an ode to the slutty woman, in freedom without constraint.”

(…) Some returns are worth new, almost debuts. But they mean more when we realize that the public absence was, after all, a period of research, of work, of aggrandizement. If MirAnda was already the most disturbing and seductive member of OqueStrada, in “A Woman in the City” we will discover her taking full control of what is happening. And that’s no small feat…”
João Gobern


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