Gisela João, Justin Stanton, Becca Stevens, Louis Cato and Michael League

Acclaimed artists Gisela João, Justin Stanton, Becca Stevens, Louis Cato, and Michael League are already sharing their collaborative album “Mirrors” via GroundUP Music, and also reveal a new video for the theme “Weary”, with Cato as the main vocalist.

Sometimes we are blindly engaged in relating to others. We get unhappy, we get mistreated, we feel trapped,” says Stanton of “Weary.” “Even so, we forge ahead, ready to serve the person who has betrayed, neglected, or abandoned us.

The supergroup, which recently shared the single “The Call”, sung in Portuguese and English by Louis Cato and Gisela João, the only Portuguese member of the project, had edited the EP “Mirrors” on 1 October, a collection of three tracks that also appear on the album: “Over the Line”, “Sleep” and “Tempestade”.

Mirrors” comes from Justin Stanton, Tennessee-born multi-instrumental artist, composer, and member of the GRAMMY-winning instrumental project Snarky Puppy. In the first days of the pandemic, he was living in Lisbon with his girlfriend, Gisela João. When the borders began to reopen, Stanton was eager to meet up with his musician friends, so, in addition to Gisela João, he recruited his bandmate from longtime Michael League, the acclaimed founder and creative director of Snarky Puppy; Louis Cato, a multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer, songwriter and member of Stay Human (the support band of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert); and her colleague, from their agency, Becca Stevens, vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist nominated for a GRAMMY, to record this album.

The concept of “Mirrors” was conceived months earlier by Stanton and inspired by one of his favorite albums, “The Telluride Sessions”, the 1989 LP that featured a cast of Bluegrass stars, who teamed up in pairs to write songs. “The album was very enlightening for me. It had a big impact on my musicality,” shares Stanton.

Living and working under one roof, Justin Stanton, Gisela João, Michael League, Louis Cato and Becca Stevens were guided by a simple premise: that each participant should co-write a song with everyone. The result was “Mirrors“, a dynamic and introspective collection of songs that not only serves as a testament to the artists’ versatile talents but also to the power of human connection.


1. Can’t Stop Moving

2. The Call

3. Say It

4. Sleep

5. Una Rosa

6. Over The Line

7. Weary

8. Don’t Blame The Wind

9. Tempestade

10. Life Is Fine

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