Mísia awarded by the German Phonographic Association

Misia’s latest work “Pura Vida – Soundtrack” has just been awarded the German Phonographic Critics Award. This album, which was published in Portugal on April 12th, in co-production of the Fado Museum, and in the rest of the world by GALILEO Music, will be released on the 29th, in France. Misía is already scheduled to perform in Paris on January 20th in the emblematic La Cigale room.

In 2020, in addition to the tour of this new work, and as part of the celebrations of the centenary of Amália, the singer conceived a new project “Amália – Independent Heart”. A show where more than paying homage to Amalia is intended to show how everything that came after her would not have existed in the same way without the freedom that allowed her to revolutionize musical, poetic and philosophical Fado, which was never the same after her. This project will be the protagonist of the big tour, already scheduled, in Latin America and several other countries.

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