Mission Runner will make its full launch on March 24

The producer Since Idea Games announced the full launch of Cyber ​​Hero – Mission Runner, which will arrive on Android on March 24, after a year of development.

Cyber ​​Hero – Mission Runner is a down vertical shooter game, similar to the roguelike, of the cyberpunk genre. In this game, you take on the role of a hero where you will find action and adventure at a fast pace. Run through the rooms and eliminate enemies in the midst of a volley of bullets, avoiding being hit by their projectiles and attacks. The objective is to complete the mission in each room in order to achieve the next mission.

In each mission, you need to unlock a ton of resources, skills and featured items to increase your hero’s power. Everything can be updated. Experience infinite combinations and reach incredible levels of power.

Raphael Wittgruber, CEO of Since Idea Games, said: “For us, developing Cyber ​​Hero – Mission Runner was an incredible journey and, after a short period of Early Access, we are now very excited to be able to present the full version to the world.”

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