MISTI FEST returns with concerts from north to south of the country

Braga, Espinho, Figueira da Foz, Guarda, Lisbon, Loulé, Portalegre and Porto are the cities that will embrace the new edition of MistyFest.

he 13th edition of MistyFest starts on the 31st of October. Braga, Espinho, Figueira da Foz, Guarda, Lisbon, Loulé, Portalegre and Porto are the cities that will embrace this edition of MistyFest, with unique concerts. Christian Loffler & Detected Ensemble, a unique reference in the world of contemporary music that returns to Portugal accompanied by a string quartet and who join on stage in a unique concert with Joep Beving, one of the most acclaimed artists from the previous edition of MistyFest and who he also returns for a concert in Loulé with his new work Hermetism; Édu Lobo & Mônica Salmaso, one of the great contributions to the eternal Brazilian songbook that the world has learned to love and which joins one of its best interpreters, revealing that her singular and velvety voice is perfect to carry all the melodic and harmonic nuances of your music; Joana Serrat, a Catalan singer-songwriter who presents an intimate and evocative folk with clear North American and Canadian influences; Lisa Gerrard & Jules Maxwell of Dead Can Dance, who will perform live, for the first time, their acclaimed album Burn, in seven concerts that will take place in different cities; Low known for their slow rhythms and minimalist arrangements bring to Portugal Hey What, one of the most acclaimed albums of 2021; Roger Eno who comes to Portugal to present his solo debut of the new album The Turning Year and Tigran Hamasyan, an Armenian jazz composer and pianist highly praised by the international press, having been considered the artist of the year by the German music press association . These are some of the names that will be part of the history of a distinguished festival that has always excelled in presenting the best music in the best venues.

References from the musical world arrive from Germany, Armenia, Australia, Brazil, Spain, the United States of America, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, thus renewing MistyFest’s commitment to present a program of the highest artistic quality, maintaining its demand in terms of presentations, giving priority, as always, to acoustic quality, comfort and decentralization.

This edition also comes with a novelty: the Misty Sessions that will take place at Espaço Espelho de Água, in Lisbon, always on the last Sunday of each month until November, when the MistyFest takes place annually. The route to the festival that takes the best music to the best venues in the country will be done in this intimate way, in a privileged space, which has a place for exhibitions, which has the Tagus River for a company, and the music of great artists presented in concerts specially prepared for these sessions.

MISTY FEST PROGRAM (scheduled concerts):
Porto | October 31st | Casa da Música

Christian Loffler & Detected Ensemble l Joep Beving
Porto | 9 November | Casa da Música
Lisboa | 10 November | Centro Cultural de Belém

Joep Beving
Loulé| 13 November | Cineteatro Louletano

Lisa Gerrard & Jules Maxwell
Espinho | 19 November | Auditório de Espinho
Lisboa | 21 November | Centro Cultural de Belém
Porto | 23 November | Casa da Música
Guarda | 25 November | Teatro Municipal da Guarda
Figueira da Foz | 27 November | Centro de Artes e Espetáculos da Figueira da Foz
Braga | 29 November (place to be announced)
Portalegre | 30 November | CAE – Centro de Artes do Espetáculo

Édu Lobo & Mônica Salmaso
Braga | 19 November (place to be announced)
Espinho | 20 November | Auditório de Espinho
Porto | 21 November | Casa da Música
Lisboa |22 November | Centro Cultural de Belém

Roger Eno
Lisboa | 23 November | Museu do Oriente
Espinho | 24 November |Auditório de Espinho

Joana Serrat
Lisboa | 27 November | Museu do Oriente
Porto | 28 November | Casa da Música

Tigran Hamasyan
Porto | 5 December | Casa da Música
Lisboa | 6 December | Centro Cultural de Belém

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