Misty Sessions host Os Poetas, Tó Trips and Bernardo Lobo

The journey to Misty Fest began in March, at Espaço Espelho d’Água, in Lisbon. Great artists present their shows in a more intimate format, usually on the last Sunday of each month.

After Nancy Vieira, Emmy Curl and Anna Setton (who will perform on the 29th), come Os Poetas, Tó Trips and Bernardo Lobo. Always at 21:00 in this privileged space in Belém, Lisbon, next to the Tagus.

Rodrigo Leão and Gabriel Gomes meet again on a stage full of poetry: Os Poetas – Entre Nós e as Palavras is a show where these two veteran musicians discover the melodies that carry the poems of some of the most important voices of our poetic landscape as Mário Cesarinny, Herberto Helder, Luísa Neto Jorge and Adília Lopes.

Gabriel Gomes on accordion and metallophone, Rodrigo Leão on keys and metallophone and actor Miguel Borges on declamations will bring together all their experience in original compositions that interpret with melodies, harmonies and rhythms a whole universe of words with which our poets have been trying to translate the world.

Veteran Tó Trips has extensive experience with a career that began with rock, ended up in the celebrated Dead Combo and which in more recent times has also been demonstrated at Club Makumba. But, at the same time, Trips also developed a curious and original approach to the solo guitar, having released works such as Guitarra 66 or Guitarra Makaka.

With a new album in this personal and solitary adventure on the way, Tó Trips once again dives headfirst into the sea of ​​notes that he rips from his guitar, in an exploratory solo concert in which he will show new and old compositions always evocative of great landscapes and stories with everything inside, from euphoria to melancholy.

Bernardo Lobo is a Brazilian singer and songwriter, born in Rio de Janeiro into a musical family. His father, Edu Lobo, is one of the most celebrated treasures of Brazilian music, and his mother, Wanda de Sá, also an artist, was part of groups by Sérgio Mendes and Marcos Valle, in addition to recording in her own name.

Bernardo grew up immersed in this musical circuit, getting used from an early age to the presence of some of the greatest figures of Brazilian culture. And, as the Portuguese saying goes, “son of a fish knows how to swim”. And singing and playing guitar, of course. With a career spanning 25 years and seven albums released – Nada Virtual (2000); Saturday (2006), Sábadovivo (2008), Valentia (2012), C’ALMA (2018), Uma Viola Mais que Enluarada (2019) and Zambujeira (2021), Bernardo is now preparing a presentation at Espelho de Água, in Lisbon, August 28th.

For this intimate meeting, which he called “Itineraries”, Bernardo will bring songs like “Yara”,
originally a partnership with Ivan Lins and Moyses Marques), “Vai e Vem”, which he wrote with Tiago Torres da Silva; ”Menina das Nuvens”, made with Marcos Valle, or even “Imagem e Semelhança”, a collaboration with Milton Nascimento, Bernardo will also show songs by other artists who influenced him such as Caetano Veloso, of whom he will sing “Força Estranha”, and his father, Edu Lobo, of whom he will interpret the emblematic “Ponteio”.

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