Moda Lisboa and Portugal Fashion join forces for the first time in Paris

The two main entities of Portuguese fashion joined forces for the first time to organize an event in Paris, the French capital, opening doors to greater cooperation, the possibility of new synergies and greater dissemination for Portuguese creators.

The Portuguese fashion was represented today in two acts in the French capital.

Hugo Costa, backed by Portugal Fashion, presented his collection in the official calendar of the Men’s Fashion Week in Paris and soon after, he opened the Showcase Portugal, an ephemeral show of Portuguese fashion for specialized buyers that unites clothes to other articles, such as jewelry or ceramics, a cooperation between Moda Lisboa and Portugal Fashion.

The Portuguese Secretary of State for Internationalization, Eurico Brilhante Dias, considered that this marks a “new” moment in the national fashion.

“We did only our small part, help them to sit at the table and work together … This is new, it is a construction work that led to the celebration of an understanding between Moda Lisboa and Portugal Fashion for to cooperate in Portugal and abroad, “said Eurico Brilhante Dias, who is in Paris.

Luís Hall Figueiredo, administrator of CENIT – Centro de Inteligência Têxtil and responsible for the event, considered that it was not difficult to join these two entities.

“Moda Lisboa and Portugal Fashion are two expressions of the Portuguese fashion, so when we have to make their disclosure, they have to be in tune because it is the interest of all parties,” said the administrator of CENIT.

According to Eduarda Abbondanza, director of Moda Lisboa, this had not yet happened due to lack of will.

The hope is now to keep this show of national products, with Luís Hall Figueiredo to ensure that the event can be repeated next year. This is also the hope of Portugal Fashion.

“We hope to create synergies here that allow us to bring more designers and leverage the industry more, both in different formats and in quantity and quality.” We want to complement what we have done with new actions that can bring more people and more sectors, “concluded Monica Neto.

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