ModaLisboa and Portugal Fashion unite and create new fashion week

The new Portuguese fashion week takes place in October and brings ModaLisboa and Portugal Fashion together for the first time in the organization, and there are no two fashion events “out of sync,” he said.

The new Portuguese fashion week comes as a ‘beta’ version, a kind of developmental stage, with the first weekend being ModaLisboa in Lisbon, and the following weekend of Portugal Fashion in Porto, and “with both teams having a coordinated effort,” said Adelino Costa Matos, president of the National Association of Young Entrepreneurs (ANJE), the entity that organizes Portugal Fashion.

“The future prospect is that there is a national fashion week and that there are events in Porto and Lisbon, and we try during the week to have potentially joint events that could make it a Portuguese fashion week and not two fashion events in any way , unsynchronized, “added Adelino Costa Matos.

In an interview, under the signing of a protocol signed in Matosinhos, Porto district, between Portugal Fashion and ModaLisboa, the president of ANJE explains that the model will be under construction.

“An important issue in this is to join forces in the aspect of not investing in the same places, on the same dates, that is, trying to maximize the investment we make in a coordinated way,” explained the official.

In the protocol signed between the president of ANJE and the president of ModaLisboa, Eduarda Abbondanza, it is the intention of the associations to coordinate stylists, events organization and other activities, with the objective of “creating scale”, “critical mass” and “creating value” being that at the moment the measures to realize a new week of Portuguese fashion still are not closed.

“It’s all in discussion and coordination, and there are one or two more practical issues that we are going to carry out in the next edition” and that will “serve as a beta version for the future, to understand each other, to coordinate and work together and from here more and more we have superior efforts, “he added.

According to Adelino Costa Matos, rather than see if it goes well, it is necessary to “start work”.

“They are two associations that have been somehow separate for 20 years and now have a clear intention to work together and this first version will be a great opportunity to work and realize where we are stronger and create more value working together” , stressed.

The Prime Minister, António Costa, congratulated ModaLisboa and Portugal Fashion for having managed to sign a cooperation protocol for the national and international promotion of Portuguese fashion after two decades of working individually.

Many congratulations and many thanks for this agreement, “said António Costa, during the signing ceremony, which he said was” very important to me. ” took place this afternoon in the House of Architecture in Matosinhos.

António Costa, who first described the agreement as a “marriage” and later called the protocol “the beginning of a signed date,” stressed that the document is “very important for the country”, namely to help leverage Portuguese exports until 2030, whose goal is to reach 50% of Gross Domestic Product.

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