ModaLisboa chooses New Blood finalists today

The finalists of the New Blood contest, dedicated to new talent and emerging values, are chosen today at the 53rd edition ModaLisboa, which will run until Sunday in the Campo de Santa Clara area.

Competitors in this contest: André Santos, Beatriz Julião, Cêlá, Feliciano, Ferencz Borbala (Romania), Filipe Cerejo, Flávia Brito (Brazil), Francisco Pereira, Inês Manuel Baptista and Louis Appelmans (Belgium).

These are the ten competitors, chosen from 82 applications, 59 Portuguese and 23 international, and will present their proposals in a collective parade, at 18:00, in the Old Workshops of Uniform and Equipment.

In the end, six will be chosen, which will receive one thousand euros each, to prepare a new collection and present in March 2020 in the next edition.

Then ModaLisboa continues with the presentation of the collections of Hibu, Valentim Quaresma and the collective Awaytomars. The presentation of Stoners, the junction of the fashion house Colisão Studios and the Portuguese association Assimagra, is also planned.

The parades can only be seen by invitation, but rejoice because there are other activities open to the general public, such as the “special moment”, at Jardim Laranjeiras at 19:30, a DJ set of Fred, which marks the inauguration. of the exhibition of the Portuguese Association of Footwear, Components, Leather Goods and its Substitutes, patent until Sunday.

But also the ModaPortugal Showcase, the Textile Intelligence Center and the National Apparel and Apparel Industries Association, fashion, lifestyle and culture, and the Wonder Room temporary store, with jewellery, footwear, apparel and lifestyle brands.

And until Sunday, the Military Museum of Lisbon and its Sala dos Gessos will have free admission.

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